Holliday Trade Unlikely

Troy E. Renck and Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post write that a Matt Holliday trade is unlikely, at least during the season.  The Rockies are telling teams they’re not looking to move their left fielder.  The team is currently eight games out, but GM Dan O’Dowd isn’t ready to pack it in.

Additionally, O’Dowd makes a good point in that Holliday’s value won’t be diminished much if he waits until the offseason.  Holliday is signed for the ’09 season at $13.5MM.  It may be true that teams sometimes make desperate in-season trades.  But it’s also true that the offseason brings out a certain irrationality in many clubs.  Everyone’s healthy and you can talk yourself into thinking you have a good team.  And it’s easier to write off an "off year" for a player if it’s not in progress.

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