Rosenthal’s Latest: Kemp, Bradley, Fuentes, Street

New Rosenthal.  Seems like he just put a column out a few days ago.

  • Rosenthal believes the Dodgers would consider trading a young player (especially Matt Kemp) for a slugger.  He discusses what it would take to get Jason Bay, Magglio Ordonez, Adam Dunn, or Matt Holliday.  This all seems like a bad idea for the Dodgers.
  • There are certainly arguments for the Rangers to keep or even extend Milton Bradley.  But Rosenthal thinks he could net "multiple high-end prospects" if Jon Daniels goes the trade route.  He says the Rangers could shop some of their veterans while also trying to acquire a controllable reliever.
  • Rosenthal’s best guess is that the Pirates will trade Xavier Nady or Jason Bay but not both.  He says Neal Huntington is not under pressure to clear salary.
  • The Cubs are interested in Brian Fuentes, which is a new one.  Rosenthal adds that Jim Hendry plans to pursue the best available starter.
  • The Brewers have many quality minor league trade chips, and they may be looking for a starter.
  • Minimal trade interest in Huston Street, and the A’s have backed off the extension idea.
  • The Yankees are "aggressively" trying to move LaTroy Hawkins.
  • The Dodgers wanted to do an Esteban LoaizaJuan Uribe swap, but the Sox just waited them out and signed Loaiza.
  • Rosenthal says the Phillies "lack the prospect inventory" to get an impact starting pitcher, which I don’t agree with.  He says they may look for another lefty reliever or bench bat.

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