The Yankees And Brian Fuentes

Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post advises:

Keep an eye on the Yankees’ interest in Brian Fuentes, whom they have liked for years. New York needs a reliable late-inning setup man to replace Joba Chamberlain, who joins the rotation Tuesday.

Keep in mind that Renck is not saying discussions have occurred recently.  But Fuentes would certainly be a nice addition for the Yanks.  He has a 2.78 ERA and 2.63 K/BB in 22.2 innings this year.

Surely the Rockies are looking for a young player or two in return.  The trades of Octavio Dotel and Eric Gagne last year might be comparables.  Dotel required Kyle Davies, a promising pitcher who had not experienced much big league success.  The Gagne package was headed by raw prospect Engel Beltre, and also included useful MLB-ready pieces in Kason Gabbard and David Murphy.

Also keep in mind that if the price for Fuentes is too high, Brian Cashman can turn to familiar target Damaso Marte of the Pirates.

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