Elias Sports Bureau Rankings: Cracking The Code

Eddie Bajek, who runs the blog Detroit Tigers Thoughts, has come tantalizingly close to cracking the code behind the Elias Sports Bureau ranking system.  Every year, Elias puts every player into one of five groups and ranks them based on various stats.  Players are classified as Type A, Type B, or nothing, and this determines free agent compensation.

Eddie has been working to reverse-engineer the formula based on the information we have.  His last hurdle is the adjustment for time spent on the disabled list.  Apparently stats can be restored for up to 60 days of missed playing time, according to Keith Law.

If you are able to provide info on the DL adjustment, please email me or Eddie.  A dream of mine: real-time Elias rankings available for all.  I wonder if a player ever lost Type A status on the last day of the season?

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