More On Harden, Sabathia Trades

I’ve got some odds and ends related to the Rich Harden and CC Sabathia trades.

  • The Cub Reporter had an interesting post yesterday, stating that Harden can demand a trade after this season under the old CBA.  The Cubs could always sidestep that by declining Harden’s $7MM option and going through the arbitration process with him.  I ran this by a source close to the situation, and he said the Cubs are not worried about Harden demanding a trade.
  • Bruce Miles talks about the "great personal and working relationship" between GMs Jim Hendry and Billy Beane.
  • Susan Slusser says Beane never inquired on the Cubs’ top draft pick from 2007, third baseman Josh Vitters.  She says the A’s did not consider it appropriate to ask for a player they had no chance of getting.
  • Slusser adds that "there is thought among other clubs that the A’s might deal Matt Murton or Eric Patterson."
  • Authors at the Hardball Times did a roundtable about both trades.
  • Squawking Baseball praises Beane’s boldness.
  • The Royals spoke internally about Sabathia, but it never got to the point of a discussion with the Indians.

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