Odds and Ends: Alvarez, Williams, Tazawa

Today’s links…

  • Chat today, 2pm CST.
  • Great stuff on the Pedro Alvarez situation from Baseball Prospectus’ Kevin Goldstein.  Goldstein’s source says the union will claim that the Pirates and MLB engaged in a premeditated conspiracy, perhaps designed to take Scott Boras out of the picture by negotiating past midnight.  The article is subscription-only.  At $40 a year, BP is well worth it.
  • It seems that Type B status is slipping away for Tigers reliever Kyle FarnsworthIvan Rodriguez recently fell from A to B, but the Yankees may choose not to offer him arbitration.
  • Baseball America’s Jim Callis says Mariners top draft pick Joshua Fields wants $2MM, while the team is holding firm at $1.5MM.  Fields is advised by Scott Boras.
  • Interesting note from last week…Bernie Williams is training and does not consider himself retired.
  • Patrick Newman discusses the Junichi Tazawa situation in-depth.  He says NPB’s commissioner plans to meet with Bud Selig.  One reason MLB looks extra-appealing to Tazawa: NPB limits draft pick bonuses to $1MM.
  • Geoff Baker discusses Jose Guillen.

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