The Plus/Minus System For Defense

I am a big fan of John Dewan’s plus/minus system for evaluating defense.  Read how it works – the system is logical and easy to understand, though the numbers require intense labor to compile.

Plus/minus stats for the current year are available at Bill James Online (sign up for $3 a month), and I’ve been tossing them around occasionally here at MLBTR.  I’m sure they’ll continue to come up with regard to this winter’s free agent class.  For instance Mark Ellis rates a +25 at second base, meaning he made 25 more plays than the average second baseman this year.

Free agent plus/minus leaders at each position:

  • First base: Mark Teixeira, +24
  • Second base: Mark Ellis, +25
  • Shortstop: Cesar Izturis, +17
  • Third base: Joe Crede, +13
  • Left field: Jay Payton, +3
  • Center field: Corey Patterson, +8
  • Right field: Brian Giles, +20, Brad Wilkerson, +4

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