Dodgers To Offer Shorter Term, Higher Salary To Manny?’s Jon Heyman talked to "people familiar with the Dodgers’ thinking" recently.  One such person told Heyman the Dodgers may offer Manny Ramirez a short term with a very high annual salary, perhaps something like $55MM for two years.  GM Ned Colletti has taken this approach in the past with free agents Jason Schmidt, Rafael Furcal, and Andruw Jones.

Heyman’s sources say the Dodgers are "strongly disinclined" to give Manny five or six years.  Colletti himself noted the Dodgers don’t have six-year contracts.  However, "there are some who believe" Scott Boras won’t even sit down with a team offering four or fewer years.  I can see Boras eventually finding a team willing to give four years.

Heyman lists six other potential suitors for Manny: the Phillies, Yankees, Blue Jays, Mets, Orioles, and Rangers.  Some of those suggestions are questionable though.

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