Possible Manny Destinations

Manny Ramirez ranked fourth in all of baseball with a .430 OBP, and second with a .601 SLG.  This makes him a very attractive free agent, and he won’t require the massive term of a Mark Teixeira.  However it’s possible questions about Ramirez’s Boston departure will limit suitors.

Former Dodgers GM Fred Claire tried to determine possible destinations for Manny next year, talking to an MLB manager, a leading agent, and a national baseball writer.  The results of this survey:

  • All three mentioned the Mets.  On Monday, SI.com’s Jon Heyman wrote the Mets appear "disinclined" to go after Ramirez.  Yesterday, however, Heyman said on WFAN that Manny was a "real option" and the Mets are "thinking about it."
  • The agent named the Giants and Phillies as other possibilities.  The Phils had interest in Manny this summer, but didn’t make the best offer.  They could give Pat Burrell‘s money to Ramirez, but it could cost an additional $10MM.  Meanwhile Giants GM Brian Sabean says Fred Lewis is his left fielder.
  • The agent and the writer both expect the Dodgers to make a play to re-sign Ramirez.  GM Ned Colletti says he’ll give it a shot, but will the Dodgers pay top dollar?  Question for commenters – can you think of any other reasonable destinations for Ramirez?

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