Sabathia Open To All Teams

All kinds of quotes from C.C. Sabathia this evening, as the Brewers were eliminated by the Phillies.  Sources:, the AP, and’s Jon Heyman.

Sabathia will consider all interested teams, and isn’t focused on California:

All those who say I only want to go back to California to play, that’s not true.

Sabathia on New York:

I like it there, but we’ll have to see what direction the teams are going and would my family be uncomfortable being on a whole other coast? We’ll have to see.

He won’t be touring the country, and doesn’t want the process to drag out:

I want to get it done pretty quick. I try to be as less free as possible.  All that is is stress, having it drag on through the winter.  I can guarantee you I won’t be flying around going to different cities.  I’ve pretty much been to every city. I’ve got a lot of friends around the league. They’re going to have to come to me.

Heyman says the Brewers will be in on Sabathia, and are willing to exceed $100MM.  Sabathia enjoyed his time in Milwaukee and the NL quite a bit.

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