Braves Rumors: Ludwick, Dempster, Francoeur

David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has been churning out rumors in the comments section of his blog.

  • He believes the Braves are interested in Ryan Ludwick, but is not sure if they’d give up Kelly JohnsonO’Brien also suggests Rick Ankiel could be available, and that either player would interest Atlanta.
  • O’Brien says the Cubs offered three years, $36MM to Ryan Dempster.  Most folks think he’ll re-sign, but the Braves have spoken to Dempster’s agent.
  • He adds that the Braves will make an offer to Mike Hampton, though Hampton will shop around and may prefer the West Coast.  He’s looking for a one-year deal.
  • The Royals still love Jeff Francoeur.

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