The Trevor Hoffman Situation

In a post on his blog, Padres exec Paul DePodesta outlines the progression of the Trevor Hoffman negotiations (and also explains why exercising Brian Giles‘ option was an easy call).  Tom Krasovic also provides details, including quotes from Hoffman’s agent Rick Thurman.

  • Thurman believes the $4MM offer for ’09 (with a club option at the same salary for ’10) was insincere.  He feels the Padres never intended to sign Hoffman and calls the chances of a deal "miniscule."  Hoffman is also upset that owner John Moores did not want to meet with him.  Plus, Thurman seems annoyed that Towers contacted Hoffman directly regarding the Moores meeting.
  • On the Padres’ side, CEO Sandy Alderson notes that the offer was not of the "take it or leave it" variety and it is not common let an offer sit for a prolonged period of time.  Thurman did not a make a counteroffer, and the Padres never wanted these negotiations to be public.
  • This is not a black and white situation.  While the Padres’ initial offer was low, the two sides could’ve kept things private and met in the middle in the $5.75MM range.  I also think Moores should’ve been willing to meet with Hoffman, as this is not a normal player negotiation.
  • If Hoffman does leave, Thurman considers the Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Mets, Indians, Angels, and Rangers potential suitors.  Why no mention of the TigersJim Baumbach likes Hoffman for the Mets.

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