Braves Won’t Be Dealing With Kinzer, Tellem

8:17pm: Tim Brown reacts to Tellem’s statement and breaks down the drama. Brown heard from one American League GM who would be “furious” if something similar happened to him.

7:51pm: Tony Jackson received a statement, apparently from agent Arn Tellem, about the events of the past couple days. It suggests there was “never an agreement reached” between Furcal and the Braves. The statement says Furcal’s agents “will continue to present opportunities to the Braves” when it’s in a client’s best interest. It concludes by asking that the event not color the Braves’ “better judgment” once “emotions have subsided.”

4:17pm: Braves president John Schuerholz comments on the situation.

3:02pm:’s Jon Heyman talked to Wren, who said he’s notified the Wasserman Media Group the Braves will no longer be doing business with them.  It’s a bold move, as the agency has a robust client list.

9:27am: Based on Frank Wren’s comments, the Braves won’t be dealing with agents Paul Kinzer and Arn Tellem anytime soon due to the recent Rafael Furcal dramaDylan Hernandez transcribes:

When WIFN talk show host Bill Shanks prefaced a question by saying that he knew Wren couldn’t burn bridges with Kinzer and Tellem, Wren interjected, "That bridge is gone. I don’t have to worry about burning it. The bridge is gone."

Most remaining clients represented by these agents don’t fit for the Braves this offseason anyway.  But Tellem does represent Randy WolfESPN’s Jerry Crasnick has a source saying it’d be "next to impossible" for the Braves to pursue Wolf now.  You can find the full client list for Tellem’s Wasserman Media Group here (click Management, then Baseball).  Current Brave Peter Moylan is also represented by the firm.

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