O’Brien On Braves’ Outfield Options

David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on the Braves’ quest to add a power-hitting outfielder:

We think they’d like to make it one of these guys, maybe in this order of preference:  1. Bobby Abreu (we’ll explain), 2. Xavier Nady or Nick Swisher (both Yankees, one or the other expected to be traded), and 4. (there can’t be a No. 3 if two guys are tied for No. 2) Adam Dunn, whose asking price (reportedly $14MM per year) is still way, waaay above what the Braves have to spend.

O’Brien says the Braves have roughly $5-9MM to work with, and they also hope to sign Will Ohman and Tom Glavine.  O’Brien then runs through the pros and cons of adding Abreu, Nady, Swisher, and Dunn.

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