Ryan Freel Is Unhappy

Ryan Freel's Orioles career is not off to a good start.  He's trying to bounce back from a head injury, and has gripes with the team's handling of the situation according to MASN's Steve Melewski.  His reply when asked whether he wants to stay with the Orioles:

"I think change is good for people. I think the expectations were for me to come here and perform in a different way than I did. I don't think I met the expectations the way I in spring training. There is nothing wrong with change. I don't think I fit here. I can't control what they do with me. It's putting a damper on my career."

You may recall that Freel met with Andy MacPhail on April 15th over playing time concerns.  It seems that the O's acquired Freel for Ramon Hernandez in December mainly just to free up cash (they saved $3.5MM) and a catching spot for Matt Wieters.

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