Olney On A-Rod, Marlins, DeRosa

ESPN.com's Buster Olney says Alex Rodriguez will never be as marketable as he once was, but the Yankees would settle for a return to his standard high level of play. A-Rod's not impressing scouts anymore, but all the Yankees can do is keep playing him and hope he returns to form. After all, he has eight years on his contract after this one. Here are the rest of Olney's rumors:

  • Olney confirms what we heard earlier today: the Marlins are looking for a proven reliever. Olney says Danys Baez could work, as well as LaTroy Hawkins and Luis Ayala.
  • The Marlins have been considering Mark DeRosa, but they could stay internal at third base and play Emilio Bonifacio and Gaby Sanchez.
  • Executives expect DeRosa to go to whoever offers the best young pitching, something teams are increasingly unwilling to part with.
  • Executives considered the Reds' starting pitching depth possible trade bait, but until Edinson Volquez returns, Cincinnati doesn't have as many pitchers as expected.

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