Pirates President On McCutchen, Draft, Sano

Pirates President Frank Coonelly told fans that the Pirates plan on pursuing Miguel Angel Sano, but said they'll also be able to spend on the drraft. Here are the specifics from Coonelly's MLB.com chat:

  • Andrew McCutchen, who's playing well in Triple A, will likely play in the majors at some point this season. 
  • A quote worth passing along: "Contrary to some suggestions in the media, however, we have no intention of attempting to save money in the Draft so we can apply it to one or more high profile international players." 
  • Instead, he says the Pirates plan to acquire top talent through the draft and through international free agent signings. 
  • Like any 16-year-old, Sano is no sure thing, if you ask Coonelly.  
  • But since Sano's unlike most 16-year-olds, the Pirates will make him an offer.  
  • "If Miguel decides that he has an offer that is superior to the one that we present to him, we will continue to have a strong presence in the Dominican," Coonelly said.

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