Yankees Sign Sanchez, Add Two Others

10:38am: McDaniel reports that the Yankees have indeed agreed to sign Arredondo for $850k. Osuna is "out of the picture," however, as the Yanks added righty Chris Cabrera for $400k.

9:54am: As expected, the Yankees have signed Dominican catcher Gary Sanchezaccording to Kiley McDaniel of Baseball Prospectus. Sanchez will receive a bonus of $3MM, but deferred payments bring the present value of the amount closer to $2.8MM. As Ben Badler points out, it's the biggest bonus the Yankees have ever awarded a hitter.

McDaniel hears that the Yankees will spend an additional $1MM on a shortstop and a pitcher. Damian Arredondo is expected to be the shortstop and some expect the pitcher to be Jose Osuna. If he signs, Arredondo would likely receive about $850k of the $1MM the Yankees are expected to spend on the pair of players.

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