McLane “Vows To Evaluate” Astros

In the aftermath of Roy Oswalt's critical comments on the play of his teammates, Astros owner Drayton McLane seemed to take issue with Oswalt's concerns as well as agree with them:

“We're going to review every part — from the players to the manager, to the farm system. We haven't picked out any one part of it. Roy had great frustration, and that's part of a champion. He wants to win as much as anybody else. These are problems you need to solve internally rather than through the media.”

McLane didn't give a hard answer on whether he believed manager Cecil Cooper would return for next season. McLane also seemed curious about whom Oswalt was referring to, as the righty didn't name names when he questioned the drive of some fellow teammates.

As much as McLane was disappointed in Oswalt, he seemed to place much value on Oswalt's criticisms and it doesn't appear he wants to punish the pitcher, who is under contract through at least 2011 with the Astros. We probably could have predicted it, but it looks like the Astros could be due for a major facelift come winter.

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