Discussion: Justin Duchscherer

We've already delved into the pool of 2010 free agent starters a few times here on MLBTR, but let's dig deeper and discuss just one of those soon-to-be-available arms: Oakland's Justin Duchscherer.

Duchscherer, a longtime reliever, burst onto the MLB scene in 2008 with a 2.54 ERA and 1.00 WHIP over 22 starts.  He doesn't throw hard, and never really has, but his slider and curveball are excellent out pitches and tend to keep batters guessing.  Of course, it's not all roses with the 31-year-old righty.  He didn't throw a pitch this season due to complications with his hip, his throwing arm, and finally a battle with clinical depression.  He's expected to be fully healthy by the start of spring training 2010, but what can "The Duke of Hurl" truly demand on the free agent market?  And who might have interest?

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle suggested in late August that Duchscherer would fit in well with the Astros' plans for 2010.  And the Brewers have a desperate need for starting pitching.  How about the Nationals?  Would a move to the National League help revitalize Duchscherer's career?  Get after it in the comments.

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