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Jorge Arangure Jr. of explains that Aroldis Chapman will focus exclusively on baseball, now that he has dropped his former agency, API. The interviews and public appearances are over for now.

"He's preparing to fulfill his dream of pitching in the major leagues," agent Rodney Fernandez said.

Fernandez, who works for the Hendricks Brothers, says Chapman has a reserved nature and prefers not to be in the public eye. One MLB executive doubts that questions about Chapman's character will limit his value, but says the prospect shouldn't expect to get paid like an established player.

"The $40-$50 million being floated by the other agent was silly," the exec said. "The way the player was being paraded about was also a negative. This guy is a prospect … not a veteran major league player."

Chapman's former agent, Edwin Mejia, may try to recover some of the expenses he incurred while housing and feeding Chapman (the lefty has apparently gained muscle now that he's eating more beef). It's possible that the agent will file a grievance with the MLBPA, but he wouldn't be likely to win such a case.

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