Adrian Gonzalez Rumors: Saturday

9:04pm: This morning, ESPN's Jayson Stark told WJAB Radio in Portland, Maine that he was told by sources all throughout the winter meetings not to buy into any talk of Adrian Gonzalez being dealt this winter.

4:20pm: While GM Jed Hoyer and the Padres "won't never say never" to the possibility of an Adrian Gonzalez deal, Corey Brock of (via Twitter) says not to count on it, as it would take a monster deal to pry him away.

For months now, we've been hearing rumors of a Gonzalez-to-Boston trade.  Earlier this week it was reported that the Mariners and Orioles have interest, while one source close to the player told Jorge Arangure that he believes he will be dealt to the Red Sox rather soon.

Do you believe that the Padres are intent on keeping Gonzalez or are they merely trying to see how high the bidding can get for the star first baseman?

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