Cafardo On Damon, Hernandez, Delgado

In his new column, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe discusses the Red Sox' decision to move Jacoby Ellsbury from center field to left field, concluding that the 26-year-old should excel in left. Here are some other notes from Cafardo's piece:

  • Despite having a productive season, Johnny Damon acknowledges that he's expecting to take a pay cut. Right now though, he isn't willing to slice his earnings in half, which is what he'd be doing if he accepted a deal worth $6-7MM annually, after making $13MM in each of the last four years. Is returning to the Bronx still a possibility for Damon? "I don’t know. I haven’t had any conversations with them recently. Nothing would surprise me, but there’s nothing there right now."
  • Talks between Felix Hernandez and the Mariners are "getting serious" and there's a chance that they could work out a long-term deal before the season begins.
  • The Mets and Orioles are the primary suitors for Carlos Delgado. Baltimore is more interested in Delgado as a first baseman than a designated hitter, since they'd prefer a right-handed DH.
  • Gary Sheffield still feels he can be an everyday player, but says a market hasn't developed for him yet this offseason.
  • Cafardo describes the lack of interest in Miguel Tejada so far as "baffling."
  • Although Miguel Cabrera's name popped up earlier in the winter as a possible trade candidate, it looks like the enormous price tag (in terms of both his salary and the required return) has quieted those rumors for now.
  • Colby Lewis' impressive numbers in Japan over the past two seasons could earn him a multi-year contract. Cafardo says that at least six teams are interested, and that the Red Sox aren't one of them.

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  1. bbxxj 6 years ago

    The M’s have the money and the momentum right now. It wouldn’t suprise me if they got deal done before spring training that locks him up well beyond his arbitration years.

  2. Rudas_Iskariot 6 years ago

    its not baffling its the whole roids and age thing that is keeping tejada from being sign

  3. diehardmets 6 years ago

    Mets should sign Delgado to a contract similar to the one Vlad just got. Maybe a 1 year/4 mil with loads of incentives (some very easy to reach) that could push it to 9 mil. Murphy could then spell Wright, Delgado, Bay, and Francouer of the bench on occasion.

  4. Guest 6 years ago

    I loved Delgado on the Mets, especially his 9 RBI game against the Yankees. I was also a big fan of Murphy, before the 09 season. Delgado coming back to platoon with Murphy; Murphy getting more time, Delgado used as potential trade bait? I know I’m crazy but who knows he could have a solid season.

    • montycapuletti 6 years ago

      The Mets really could use Delgado this year. They have very little power in their lineup.

      • Guest 6 years ago

        Bay? Wright? Beltran? Francoeur? The power outage wasn’t because of Citifield, it was just playing like complete crap.

        • montycapuletti 6 years ago

          Okay yet to be seen how Bay will adjust to NY and Citifield. Francoeur is just not that good. Wright had major power outtage last year. We will see how he will respond this year. Beltran just cant stay healthy. When healthy he is the best center fielder in the game. I will take Delgado over Murphy anyday.

          • All Day Réy 6 years ago

            Power has nothing to do with a stadium. Bay proved he could thrive in the spotlight so NY won’t effect him. Francoeur showed signs of coming around and the guy is 26 so to say he is just not that good is dumb. Wright doesn’t take a genius to know he had power outtage but hopefully he will get it back. Beltran played 140+ games the last 4 years before 2009 so to say he just can’t stay healthy you obviously don’t know what your talking about because he was even healthy and playing before the end of the 09 season.

          • Guest 6 years ago

            thrive in the Boston spotlight**

          • montycapuletti 6 years ago

            Wow so you are so comfortable with the Mets lineup that you wouldnt want a healthy Delgado slugging for your team. Beltran is great there is no denying that but he has played through injuries the last couple of years for the mets. Having to use those legs more with those deeper alleys may affect him. He will also have to cover more ground going towards left with Bay out there. Power is affected by stadiums. Safeco & AT&T park vs. CamdenYards and say Citizens Bank. I dont look at Bay as a slugger but rather as a run producer.David Wright only hit 5 home runs at home last year at Citifield and only 1 of those were hit to the opposite field. Granted thats still 50% of his longballs. I def think that having no protection really hurt him but he didnt seem to drive the ball like in previous years. In 2008 of his 33 home runs 21 were hit at Shea. Of beltrans 10 hrs last year only 3 were at citifield. So as a met fan you are absolutely sold on francoeur who hit 4 of his 10 hrs at citifield. He has a career obp of 311. Sounds more like a platoon player than a starting right fielder for the NY Mets. I think they could really use Delgado as a left handed power bat. Thats just my opinion. Hey maybe you are sold on Murphy but the Mets are a team built to contend now.

          • All Day Réy 6 years ago

            Your whole argument agaist me is by putting words in my mouth to try and make me sound like I have no idea what I’m talking about and thats you! Where did I say I was comfotable with the Mets lineup (even though I pretty much am with some exceptions)? Beltran give me a break we had Shef in the outfield last year and before the injury he was raking and after he was raking so don’t give me this bs that he is injury prone now. For the last time Stadiums don’t effect how far you hit the ball it may effect if you get a double or triple as oppose to a homerun but it doesn’t mean that just cause you play in a big ball park your power automatically goes down your still going to hit the ball the same distance. PNC park where bay use to play is only 10 feet shorter in left and in left center it is actually longer than Citi by 20 feet while deep left PNC is 25 feett longer granted the walls are higher in Citi but still he hit in a big park before. Also where the hell did I say I was sold on Frenchy “Francoeur showed signs of coming around and the guy is 26 so to say he is just not that good is dumb” is exactly what I said so I don’t know where you came up with that but I’d take him over church anyday. But I do agree with you that they should go get Delgado on an incentive type deal if he does good in winterball.

    • JerseyShoreShawn 6 years ago

      I have never seen a platoon where both players hit from the same side of the plate.
      Delgado-lefty, Murphy-lefty. They tried Murphy in the OF, not good. If Delgado is on the opening day roster I think Murphy is not.
      Delgado as trade bait? Any team in baseball can have him right now for cash.
      Why would any GM give up talent in a trade for a guy that is on sale right now?

      • diehardmets 6 years ago

        If Delgado is signed, Murph becomes a Eric Hinske-esque bench player, meaning he plays all four conor positions (RF, LF, 1B, 3B*)

        *he came up through the system as a 3B just sayin.

  5. Guest 6 years ago

    I think Cafardo is completely spot on. Delgado would be a great fit on Baltimore especially with the short porch in right field. He can still play in the field as well. The M’s need to lock King Felix up. I think they will even before spring training games start. Miguel Tejada would be a great fit for the Orioles, A’s, Twins, and as a DH for the Blue Jays. Hopefully the Yanks will give Damon a 1yr/$6MM deal that he will accept. If not, they should turn their attention to Jermaine Dye.

    • Deanezag 6 years ago

      Jermaine Dye for the OF? No thanks, his bat no longer makes up for his horrible defense.

      • Guest 6 years ago

        I would rather have Dye than Reed Johnson or Brett Gardner in left.

        • Deanezag 6 years ago

          because you’re only looking at offense

          • Guest 6 years ago

            Johnny Damon and Jermaine Dye aren’t that much different when it comes to defense.

          • Deanezag 6 years ago

            But they are, Dye’s UZR has been below -20 for the last 4 years, he’s ranked last for AL RF in 3 of those 4 years, and was 2nd to last the other years.
            And if you only go by what “your eyes tell you” then we need to find a White Sox fan to let you know his feelings

          • Guest 6 years ago

            I’m not only going by what I see, I know the UZR rankings and i know that neither of them is that great defensively. I’m just saying that if the Yankees get Dye, they could sacrifice defense to be a bit more powerful. I know Dye isn’t that athletic at all. But I don’t think that Reed Johnson’s glove is better than Jermaine Dye’s bat.

          • Deanezag 6 years ago

            Why do they need to sacrifice defense for more power? They already have the best offense. Dye’s UZR was that bad in RF too, imagine having him in LF? It would be -30.
            It’s not reed johnson glove dye’s bat. It’s Reed’s glove + his bat v Dye’s bat + his glove. Dye is arguably the worst OF in the AL, it makes any improvement with his bat useless.

          • Guest 6 years ago

            yeah…thats true. I guess if they can get 110 homers from their infield than it doesn’t really matter who plays in left. I hope that if Damon doesn’t come back they either make a trade for A Dejesus or Crawford type left fielder or just but Jerry Hairston in left. But i do understand what you are saying. Dye is best suited as a DH.

  6. Hoosierdaddy92 6 years ago

    if the yanks don’t get Damon, they will just wait it out for Carl Crawford next year. hopefully they get Damon for 2 years because im hoping crawford goes somewhere other than new york or boston.

    • Guest 6 years ago

      That would be awesome. I think you are right but they could make a trade for Crawford now and lock him up in next year’s exclusive negotiating period.

    • fonzog28 6 years ago

      Damon for two years sound good, he can DH the following year and let NJ walk after this year.

  7. bucs_lose_again 6 years ago

    I really hope the Mariners can work something out with Felix. If I have to watch him pitch with a Red Sox or a Yankees uniform on, I may just give up on baseball altogether.

  8. Abraham Zapruder 6 years ago

    a multi-year contract for Colby Lewis? Really?

  9. damon is finally seeing that no one is going to pay him 22 million dollars for two years! now its time for the yanks to step in and sign him for 14mil/2years

  10. imkeithhernandez 6 years ago

    how ridiculous would it be to see Delgado with anything but a Mets uniform on. this should be the easiest off season decision the front office makes make along with keeping Angel Pagan.

    • Infield Fly 6 years ago

      Well, if you notice, you really don’t hear anything meaningful about the Mets looking at other 1B. I don’t think they ever had any other plan besides Delgado.

  11. yankeedips83 6 years ago

    damon needs to stop thinking he is going to get top dollar. vlad just signed for 5 mil and is a much better hitter than damon. stop listening to your greedy agent and sign with the yanks for 1 yr/6 mil. he isnt going to get anything better anywhere else

    • JerseyShoreShawn 6 years ago

      I love Vlad and never cared too much for Damon but at this point in their careers Damon is a much better option at the plate. This is not the Vlad that would hit a pitch 2″ off the batter’s box 540′
      They are different types of DHs but all around a team could squeeze more out of Damon.
      He is not worth what he is asking for but he edges Vlad. He should get 2yrs / 15 million.

  12. Hoosierdaddy92 6 years ago

    i dont think Cash is going to trade anymore top prospects. I think he’s done dealing until 2010 deadline, and if something comes up and teams are desperate, he might swing a deal. There’s something about GMs and not wanting to deal ALL their prospects. Plus I don’t see them getting Crawford, unless he’s a free agent. Tampa is not likely to trade him in-division. Damon could be this year’s Bobby Abreu. I see the White Sox as a possible darkhorse for him.

  13. Suzysman 6 years ago

    For those unaware, Colby Lewis as a SP the last two seasons in the NPB (Hiroshima Toyo Carp)08 – 9.25 K/9, 1.37 BB/9, 6.78 K/BB, 0.61 HR/9, .305 babip, 1.00 WHIP, 2.68 ERA, 2.51 FIP, 178 IP09 – 9.49 K/9, 0.97 BB/9, 9.79 K/BB, 0.66 HR/9, .310* babip, 1.00 WHIP, 2.96 ERA, 2.32 FIP, 176 IP(*Don’t have complete 2009 stats so cant calculate the exact BAbip – it is in the .310 range)

    • bomberj11 6 years ago

      What happened, any idea? He change his arm motion or something?

      • Suzysman 6 years ago

        Nothing really, he just hasnt been given a shot in the Majors after his surgery – last time he really pitched in the bigs for any significant time was 2003.The numbers from Japan are actually fairly consistent with his lines from AAA his last two stays there06 – 6.34 K/9, 2.19 BB/9, 2.89 K/BB, 0.79 HR/9, .311 babip, 1.29 WHIP, 3.26 ERA, 3.81 FIP, 147 IP07 – 9.13 K/9, 2.16 BB/9, 4.22 K/BB, 0.75 HR/9, .264 babip, 0.97 WHIP, 1.88 ERA, 3.01 FIP, 95 IP Figure Japan decreases walks a little bit, but other then those BB rates the numbers are consistent. In fact, if you increase the BB rates to the 2.15 from the minors, the FIP goes to 2.8- both seasons. So he is pretty much off 4 straight nearly identical seasons like that spread over Japan and AAA.He missed 2005 with Rotator Cuff surgery. Since then his splits indicate fairly extreme ground ball pitcher with a plus ability to miss bats – that is a recipe for success in the majors. He has proven he at least deserves a shot and could be a solid producer for a team needing a starter. As long as his stuff translates, he will likely be looking at Ryan Dempster type rates/success. And there is always the possibility of better.

  14. andrewrickli 6 years ago


    O’s trade Scott to SF for a SP prospect, or a SS prospect (they need a LH OF’er)

    Then we sign Dye to a one year deal with a mutual option for a 2nd year to be our RH DH

    Next we sign Carlos Delgado to a one year incentive laden deal…to be our #4 hitter at 1B

    Then we sign Erik Bedard.

  15. R_y_a_n 6 years ago


    When are you going to fix the holes in that rotation, Minaya? Stop focusing on hitting and get your pitching straight.

  16. …perhaps the lack of interest in tejada is due to the fact that he is a known juicer!

  17. Eric 6 years ago

    It is great to hear that talks with Felix are getting serious. I think the club has shown it’s players that it is serious about winning after a turn around year. It has made the moves to clean up the junk and now its time to look towards the future. The Mariners are in a great position to take the American League West this year if Hernandez and Lee take off like I expect.

    Knowing that we will have guys around like Figgins, Ichiro, Gutierrez and now possibly Felix for the near future is proof that this is not an all or nothing year. The M’s have built a great team and with 1 or 2 additions they will be a feared competitor in the game.

    I suggest a #3 in the rotation: Jon Garland and a right-handed platoon bat for Ken Griffey Jr: Jermaine Dye.

    • bomberj11 6 years ago

      Ben Sheets. How does Felix, Lee, and Sheets sound to you?

  18. FourScore16 6 years ago

    So, is Damon going to retire when no one meets his outrageous demands?

  19. andrewrickli 6 years ago


    O’s trade Scott to SF for a SP prospect, or a SS prospect (they need a LH OF’er)

    Then we sign Dye to a one year deal with a mutual option for a 2nd year to be our RH DH

    Next we sign Carlos Delgado to a one year incentive laden deal…to be our #4 hitter at 1B

    Then we sign Erik Bedard.

  20. basemonkey 6 years ago

    I have to think the Os got an edge on the Mets to sign Delgado. The Orioles can offer:

    • Fulltime 1B opportunity.
    • DH slot. It can give the Os more flexibility to add more length, maybe extend Delgado’s career.
    • The new Mets stadium kills HRs. Camden Yards creates them.

  21. c’mon Z get it done, we need Felix and the rumors flying all year will distract the team.

  22. ravens9111 6 years ago

    Sorry Mets fans, but Delgado will be an Oriole when it’s all said and done.

  23. sign2010 6 years ago

    Sheffield played a decent outfield last year until he got hurt. He can still play out there because hit bat will make up for a lot. Look around the 2 leagues and there are a lot of bad hitting outfielders. Sheff can do much better than what’s already out there.

  24. Eric 6 years ago

    Okay smart guy who goes after Rowland-Smith? Guess what there really isn’t a lot of talent outside of Hernandez, Lee and Rowland Smith.

    Garland would thrive in the spacious Safeco field. He is young unlike the similar Doug Davis. In the last 8 seasons the man hasn’t pitched fewer than 191 innings with a career ERA of 4.42 and get this he is just 30.

    A defensive team like the M’s can handle the hits he has previously allowed and likely make him look good. Garland brings the ability to go almost 7 IP every time out and that is value.

    In my opinion a Mariners rotation of Felix RH, Lee LH, Garland RH, Rowland-Smith LH and Snell RH is very good.

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