Center Fielders On Royals’ Radar

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick names three free agents on the Royals' radar for center field: Rick Ankiel, Scott Podsednik, and Randy Winn.  It should be noted that none of the three logged 500 innings in center in '09.  Crasnick's source doesn't see the Royals spending much more than $2MM on a one-year deal, so playing time could be the biggest selling point.  Coco Crisp at $5.25MM coming off two shoulder surgeries might be seen as an overpay by Oakland, if these other free agents sign for less than half that.

My guess is that Scott Boras will end up finding a reasonable one-year deal for Ankiel, much as he did for Joe Crede last year.  Beyond the Pirates, we haven't heard much from other Ankiel suitors.  Podsednik could land with the Giants or Tigers, while Winn is being courted by the Padres and D'Backs.

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