Matt Holliday Signing Reactions

Yesterday Matt Holliday and the Cardinals agreed to a seven-year, $120MM deal, possibly worth $136MM over eight years if Holliday finishes in the top ten in the MVP voting in 2016 (he'll head into that season as a 36-year-old).  $2MM deferred per year knocks down the present-day value of the deal a bit.  Let's take a look at reactions from around the web.

  • ESPN's Buster Olney spoke to one GM who thinks the Cardinals overpaid by about $30MM given the lack of competition for Holliday.  Another exec's crack: "I guess that will end the collusion talk."  Olney also wonders if the Cardinals can afford to pay Holliday and Albert Pujols $43-47MM from 2012 forward.  Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has the same concerns.
  • ESPN's Keith Law suggests the Cardinals are the NL Central frontrunners for 2010 and 2011.  But the downside to having both Holliday and Pujols locked up for big bucks is that the Cards would need to fill out the rest of the roster with bargains.  They might not have the farm system to do so.
  • Aaron Schafer of Viva El Birdos offers his take: "the money's fine, but the length of the deal is a killer."

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