Braves Not Shopping David Ross

The Braves have denied that they are shopping backup catcher David Ross. Alden Gonzalez of tweets that Bobby Cox says there's no way the Braves would be trying to trade Ross, and in a tweet from David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, GM Frank Wren concurs: "That [rumor] made no sense whatsoever."

We heard yesterday that the the Braves may be looking to swap Ross in a deal for "a younger backup-catcher type."

Wren says (O'Brien Twitter link) that the depth of the Braves' bench is an aspect of the team they like most. Trading Ross would compromise the quality of their bench. The 33-year-old hit .273/.380/.508 with seven homers in 151 plate appearances for Atlanta last year, serving as Brian McCann's backup.

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4 Comments on "Braves Not Shopping David Ross"

5 years 5 months ago

Thank You. Would be the dumbest move of the offseason.

5 years 5 months ago

I wonder how many teams would like starting a good defensive veteran catcher sporting an .888 OPS starting for them. I know his stats would go down full time but his power and batting eye could play as a starter.

With that said, unless we get a very good prospect (which I wouldn’t give if I were another team) then we need to just hold onto Ross… just like everyone in power in the Braves FO has said.

5 years 5 months ago

I think the wires got crossed on this one. Maybe the Braves were taking Ross to the mall to go shopping, as opposed to shopping him? Seriously, if Ross got moved to another team like the Blue Jays, Astros or Royals, it would do wonders to his career.

5 years 5 months ago

out those three you said astro’s would be the best just cause the fact that the royals gave jason kendall 2 years and blue jays have Buck,jose molina who is a fine catcher on the defense side and i belive one of the best propects is a catcher granted he prolly wont play this year but. I was thinking someone kid of like the mariners with adam moore splitting time with him or even the marlins