Olney On Carmona, Trades, Heath Bell

A few notes from ESPN's Buster Olney (Insider required)…

  • Is it hasty to consider the Indians sellers for 2010?  Olney writes of rave reviews for Fausto Carmona, who he believes could transform the team's pennant hopes.  An above-average offense, good years from Jake Westbrook and Justin Masterson…you never know.
  • Olney hears there's "only a trickle of trade talk going on."  One GM believes that's because there's not much money available and there are still a few decent free agents out there.
  • Olney spoke to execs who believe the Padres will wait to trade Heath Bell, to drive up the price and give the team a shot at winning early.  Something to consider about Bell: MLBTR reader Jeff Hainey recently reminded me that while Bell is under team control for two years, his 2011 salary could potentially approach $10MM.  That second year of control wouldn't be terribly appealing to the Twins, who will be paying Joe Nathan $11.25MM.

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