Could Cubs Attempt To Trade Gorzelanny?

Carlos Zambrano's move to the Cubs' bullpen likely ranks as baseball's most surprising roster decision so far this season. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports opines that the only way out of this "desperation" move for the North Siders is to pull off a trade for a setup man.

Rosenthal suggests that dealing Tom Gorzelanny could kill two birds with one stone for the Cubs: It would clear a spot in the rotation for Zambrano, and the team could potentially acquire a setup man in exchange for the left-hander, who is under club control through 2012.

Despite recording a 5.55 ERA in 47 innings in 2009, Gorzelanny had strong peripherals, including rates of 9.0 K/9 and 3.3 BB/9. The 27-year-old is off to a solid start this year, with a 2.40 ERA through three outings, and could interest some teams who don't possess the same excess of left-handed arms as Chicago. The Cubs' left-heavy bullpen, which features John Grabow, Sean Marshall, and James Russell, was one reason Gorzelanny remained in the rotation over Zambrano.

As Rosenthal notes, Gorzelanny and Carlos Silva "hardly are locks to continue their early-season success," meaning Zambrano may eventually work his way back into the rotation with or without a trade. Rosenthal also names Andrew Cashner and Jay Jackson as two minor leaguers who could contribute to the Cubs' staff this year, if the team decides not to make a deal. For now, expect the Cubs to give the Zambrano experiment some time. If it doesn't work out like they're hoping, we should expect to hear trade rumblings grow louder.

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  1. 04Forever 5 years ago

    you want a setup guy? how about Papelbon for Lee with no money changing hands. That solves two big problems for the two of them. The sox get a power hitter and you can use Pap as a closer or setup guy, both are on their last years and the sox dont have much use for Pap without a power hitter to get a lead anyway

    • AisoRed 5 years ago

      I am not sure I see this working. Who are the Cubs going to put in Lee’s spot to get almost the same results?

      • 04Forever 5 years ago

        good point, but i dont think leaving Zambrano in the pen is not a good long term idea either. How about a free Mike Lowell?

    • bigpat 5 years ago

      Does Beltre move to the bench then? I don’t see how they can fit in a first baseman on a one year contract when they have Beltre getting 10M for a year and he’s playing very well.

      • 04Forever 5 years ago

        Lee would act as the DH the way i see it. Ortiz is running on four flat tires, any trade made for a power hitter means his release

        • BlueCatuli 5 years ago

          You’d rather have Youkilis playing 1st base?

          • 04Forever 5 years ago

            youkilis has only committed only 30 errors in four different positions since he became a full time player at first since 2006, he even went a whole season without allowing any at first. Lee has committed 28 errors at first in the same amount of time, granted that he has played more at first then youk during that period. Youk is a great defender, the reason he doesnt win gold gloves is because he is so good he shares time a third and first when he is needed. ill take youkilis at first still, and third

          • 04Forever 5 years ago

            sorry, make that only 29 errors

          • BlueCatuli 5 years ago

            Youkilis doesn’t win the Gold Glove at first because he plays in the same league with Texiera,. The year he did win was the year Texiera ended the season in Atlanta. Lee won Gold Gloves when Helton was in his prime. If the Sox make a trade for Gonzalez, would you still want Youkilis at 1st base? Gonzalez is arguably the best defensive 1st baseman/ Left handed hitter in baseball.

        • tuff_gong 5 years ago

          Lee is a gold glove !B though? definitely better defensively than youkilis

          • tuff_gong 5 years ago

            1B not !B…

          • 04Forever 5 years ago

            since you asked the same question as the other guy, i think you should read what i told him about youkilis

  2. Please Omar, get on this. Feliciano for Gorzelanny?

  3. bigpat 5 years ago

    They should trade Ted Lilly. They won’t contend this year and unless they expect to re-sign him, he could get something good back in return. Gorzo might have to take his spot next year.

    • 04Forever 5 years ago

      not until he pitches a few games and pitches well, otherwise your stuck

  4. Starlin Castro for Brandon Lyon. Whaddya say. Great deal, right? Right?


  5. Suzysman 5 years ago

    Yeah, one of Gorz, Silva or Zambrano is likely being shopped – Lou’s comments yesterday indicate it at least. I just cant imagine Gorzelanny is someone teams will be overly excited about receiving back. His fairly high walk totals and pretty consistent ability to get hit shown is not overly enticing. Plus, we did get him as kind of a throw-in ourselves after he was demoted for an inability to do much of anything.

    But the bigger issue is this – if they are moving Z to the pen just in hopes that they can find someone to take a gamble on Gorz or Silva… Well, fire Hendry and Lou right now!

  6. 04Forever 5 years ago

    first team to lose a #1 or #2 starter to injury will go hard for Zambrano, i dont care how bad the numbers are right now for him

    • Suzysman 5 years ago

      the numbers arent bad outside opening day.

      In the past three, he has averaged 6 innings and 2.7 ER crossing the plate with a very Zambrano like 4.0 BB/9 but 12.5 K/9 and an unrealistic .391 BAbip. Zambrano wasnt pitching poorly – Zambrano was being the same Zambrano he has in the past with just a bad BAbip. If teams watched the games or watch the tapes they will see bloop singles as the culprit of the high WHIP.

    • BlueCatuli 5 years ago

      Zambrano has a full no trade clause. Good luck getting him to waive that.

      • tuff_gong 5 years ago

        and has said that he wanted to retire in Chicago

        • Suzysman 5 years ago

          but just got put in the bullpen…

          I was a full “he’ll never accept” guy before, but that’s thrown out the window now. This move could have been solely with the intention of getting him to waive the no-trade for all we know. (it makes as much sense as just about any other theory as to why this was done)

          • studio179 5 years ago

            Agreed. Trying to get Zambrano to waive his NTC by sending him to the pen is as good a theory as the several other thoughts out there. Any speculation or a combo of them could be the case. The chain reaction that is to follow with this move will be interesting, desperate or both.

          • Suzysman 5 years ago

            Okay, I notice something else interesting which might indicate Lou’s intention… After tonight, three of the last 4 leads Marmol has come into protect have been of 5, 6 and 5 runs respectively. And they are coming pretty close together, it isnt like just “get some work in” appearances. So closer coming in to protect 5+ run leads while our “ace” is being sent to the set-up role? Tell me this doesn’t seem like a statement.

          • studio179 5 years ago

            You bet. Before last night, I did not think a thing of Marmol’s appearances and thought it was to give him work with big leads. When he came in last night, it got me thinking, too. I think a piece of Lou’s puzzle is what you are saying.

        • birdsonabat 5 years ago

          Did he say that before or after they moved him to the pen?

  7. birdsonabat 5 years ago

    Zambrano’s numbers through 4 games appear poor, but 4 games is a small sample size. His season totals are fairly consistent; he’ll wind up with an ERA somewhere between 3.5 – 4, a WHIP in the neighborhood of 1.2 and about 150 Ks. These are not ace-type numbers, but they’re far from terrible. Though I think he would benefit from a change in scenery, I also think keeping Zambrano around would help solidify the Cubs rotation. I can’t image the Cubs front office would feel good about a rotation of Dempster, Lily, Siva and Gorzelanny.

    They can shop Gorzelanny, but unless they’re in the market for some new equipment (balls, bats, helmets, water coolers, etc), I doubt they get anything for him.

    Side question: why, in a division where your chief competition features some great right-handed hitters (Pujols, Holliday, Braun), do you load up your pitching staff with lefties?

  8. Hard to see Gorz drawing much interest with Washburn still on the market. Why pay Gorz and give up a reliever when you can just pay Washburn a prorated salary? Not that Washburn is much of a prize but his presence on the market at least give the trading team leverage to use against the Cubs if they are trying to deal Gorz.

    • studio179 5 years ago

      Not only that, but it will take a few moves to clean up the Cub pen. Trading Gorzy will not solve it. Meaning they will have to go internal, too. Do they really want to rush up Jackson or Cashner like they did Samardzija. Granted, money was a factor there. They seem to know how to bring up guys before they are ready. It might take a desperate move to bring up one of those guys out of necessity. I hope they can resist the urge. Tough not to when you have that mess.

  9. flumesalot 5 years ago

    Gorzelanny could make sense for Dodgers…

  10. 518Ichirohasselback 5 years ago

    The Mariners would probably be willing to give you guys Lowe for Gorzelanny and a prospect..

  11. Wrek305 5 years ago

    I’d rather see Zambrano traded… It’s really amazing how ignorant ppl are thinking that guy was ever an “ace” pitcher. He never was the ace and never will be… he’s never won more then 12 games in a season.. how the hell is that an ace? Ramirez needs to go too.. bring up Vitters.

  12. Suzysman 5 years ago

    The Lohse contract compares almost perfectly to the one Hendry gave to Lilly. The Holliday one is a bit bigger and longer, but ability, age and projectability wise it lines up with the one we gave Aramis. If the Ramirez and Lilly contracts were the worst Hendry had given, we would probably be dancing in the streets.

    So while possibly risky and therefore questionable, the StL contracts come no where near the level of stupidity that Jimmy-Boy helps set the standards for.

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