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Yesterday, we took a look at how Ryan Howard's contract extension might affect the Phillies' chances of retaining Jayson Werth beyond this season. Following the 2011 campaign, the Phils will face a decision on a player even more crucial to their recent successes than Werth: shortstop Jimmy Rollins.

The Phillies have already exercised their $8.5MM 2011 option for the 2007 National League MVP, and they'll likely want to keep Rollins past next season. He is perhaps the face of the franchise, and has been one of baseball's most productive all-around shortstops since becoming an everyday player in 2001.

The good news for the Phils is that they'll have a couple of bloated contracts coming off the books after 2011. Raul Ibanez and Brad Lidge are both owed $11.5MM in '11, but are probably unlikely to remain in Philadelphia beyond that, and certainly not at that price. However, as MLBTR's Howard Megdal pointed out yesterday, the Phillies already have plenty of other commitments in 2012 and beyond.

MLB.com's Todd Zolecki notes that Rollins has said in the past that he could picture himself finishing his career for a Bay Area club, near where he grew up. These days, the 31-year-old seems more open to staying put in Philadelphia: "We weren't good then. We're good now. As long as we're good, I'm good."

GM Ruben Amaro Jr. insists that Howard's extension won't affect the team's ability to re-sign players like Werth and Rollins, though extension talks with Werth are at an impasse for now. If the Phillies are unable to bring Werth back in 2010, Rollins' chances of remaining with the club look better, since they'll be locked into one less long-term deal. If Rollins does receive a multi-year, big-money extension though, the Phillies' financial flexibility will take yet another hit. Even with a payroll that exceeds $140MM, you have to wonder how much money they can afford to tie up long-term in aging players.

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  1. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    Their is no way they can keep everyone. Zero chance. Unless their is another player named jimmy rollins that we don’t know about

  2. Rich_in_NJ 5 years ago

    I would guess that even a modest economic recovery would permit greater expenditures, but the likelihood of an enduring recovery is far from certain.

  3. bigpat 5 years ago

    If they manage to hold onto their entire roster with big contracts, we can just call them the Yankees of the NL. No other team will have a chance unless they all start to regress quickly. They can sign an entire all star team yet the Pirates can’t afford to re-sign any player after arbitration.

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      After arbitration? Matt capps would like to have a word with you.

  4. tripleplay83 5 years ago

    Shut up about RBI stats not worth anything…

    link to baseball-almanac.com
    link to baseball-reference.com

    Tell me how many of those guys you want to call frauds. I’m sure they’d love to hear it.

    • Joe L 5 years ago

      You actually just put Ryan Howard in the same group as some of the greatest ballplayers this league’s ever seen. What a joke..

      • he is saying that people in previous post discount what RBI stat saying that it shouldnt be used for production.

  5. The salaries coming off after this year don’t help at all because Halladay gets a raise, plus Toronto is kicking in $6M this year toward him. That is the equivalent of about a $10M raise, which eats up the expiring deals.
    Why was Baez signed for two years again??

    • bomberj11 5 years ago

      Amaro was out drinking with Minyaya, and Hendry. They both said, “Hey, look at how great our contracts have worked out!” And Amaro, in his drunken trance says, “Ok, I’ll sign Baez for two years, just because you seem to know what you’re doing.” Then they all share high fives. It’s a theory, but it’s pretty believable.

  6. redsandyanksfan 5 years ago

    To who ever said about them expanding payroll, that cant be right because if you was your rotation would be Halladay,Lee an Hamels but most of the reason they traded Lee was they couldnt AFFORD both of them but yet they resign Werth AND Rollins with the massive contract extension? highly doubt it

  7. forbesx 5 years ago

    Their best bet would be to see if they can dump Ibanez after this year (or at the deadline?) and bring up Brown. Then they have some cash to retain Werth or at least sign another decent outfielder. Of course Raul is going to have to pick up his offense for anyone to be interested.

  8. Triteon 5 years ago

    Last year Howard was just barely one of the top 10 first basemen in the league, a touch above Kendry Morales and Joey Votto — two guys who are 4 years younger than Howard. I’m not sure where Rollins’ versatility lays — he can still steal bases and hit, but plays with an average UZR regardless of the Gold Gloves. And Werth hasn’t proven his worth — one good season does not a career make, especially when the career year comes in his 7th season (5th full) in the bigs.

    This is a team that was fantastic two years ago and was very good last year. but they’re aging, rapidly, and it’s only getting worse. Couple that with a superbly questionable extension for Howard and the only conclusion that can be drawn is that they’re playing to win now, and to hell with the rest of the decade. Good thing thy have that whippersnapper Victorino to pull down the offense’s average age.

    But I’ll agree with you on Utley.

  9. well i agree with you in regards to how good to Rollins and Howard. Werth is the only RH power bat in the lineup and they have no one in the system. They will be in some trouble if they lost Werth. With being said the phils know what he means to the team.

    The phils deal with comcast is up after this year i believe, with the current state of the team and how good they are and they sell out every game and working on something like 55 straight they maybe able to get a big bump from comcast or verizon. this will allow them to up their payroll

  10. PhilliePhan77 5 years ago

    Balanced? No.

    1) Rollins (S)
    2) Polanco (R)
    3) Utley (L)
    4) Howard (L)
    5) Ibanez (L)
    6) Brown (L)
    7) Victorino (S)
    8) Ruiz (R)

    How is that balanced? Brown may hit 5th but that doesn’t help at all. Anyway you make the lineup card, 3-6 are left handed. I see this as a big problem. The Phillies last year of deals is killing them. Moyer, Lidge, Eaton, Myers, Ibanez, Jenkins, to name a few. These deals have really hurt the Phils ability to sign players they need(ed). Moyer cost us Lee this year. That sucks. Ibanez, Lidge will be a problem next year. Odds are the Howard deal will hurt at the end of it.

    None of us know how it will shake out next year but I am worried. We need a RH power bat and I doubt Werth will be here. We also may need some pitching this year and I don’t know how we get it.

  11. people like you who use these UZR and other off the wall stats are insane. Howard who has been in the top 5 of the MVP voting i believe the last 4 years and winning one and ROY. he hits 45+ HR and drives in 140+ rbi on constant basis how can you say barely in the top 10. He has improved defensively and has lost over 50lbs over the past three offseasons. he is the best pure power hitter in the game aside from pujols.

    to say that a player is just average defensively when he the two time reigning gold glove winner? are you hearing yourself talk he committed less than ten errors last year at the SS position here. astonishing to hear some of the garbage thats comes out of peopls thoughts.

  12. The only thing gold gloves calculate is how many errors a person has made. “Off the wall stats” like UZR/150 give a more accurate depiction of how good/bad a person is defensively.

  13. Triteon 5 years ago

    I think it’s insane to avoid considering advanced stats and the connection between them and winning, rather than the disconnect between traditional stats and winning. For Howard I’ll point you to this chart: link to bit.ly

    If you want to look at traditional stats where Howard is deficient how about his pedestrian OBP or batting average? RBIs are mostly a function of how well the batters in front of Howard are playing. But feel free to keep talking about the sexy triple crown categories.

  14. bomberj11 5 years ago

    Awards don’t mean anything. Hey, we all remember 2003 AL ROY Angel Berroa, right? I mean, if awards actually meant that’s how you judge a player, then I’m sure Berroa would be the starting shortstop for a team.

  15. Yes i will keep my triple crown categories. The only “advanced” stat i actually look at it WAR. I am sorry that i am traditionalist when it comes to stats. when it comes to it its all about production and what that person means to your team. Howard has been in the TOP 5 of MVP voting and winning one. To say he is at the bottom half of the top ten of the first base is crazy. your advanced stats do not take into account how bats after the 7th inning which is over 300.

  16. Yankees420 5 years ago

    Just so you know, Triteon’s original statement of “Last year Howard was just barely one of the top 10 first basemen in the league, a touch above Kendry Morales and Joey Votto” is completely based on WAR, Howard ranked 8th in WAR among all 1B.

  17. yes i will agree with in one regard the ROY does not mean anything. But when a guy in the top 5 year and for the MVP that does mean something. that means is a top player in his position and league. does your statement mean that the CY young doesnt mean anything?

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