Konerko Ignores Trade Speculation

The White Sox aren’t selling yet, but if they decide to, Paul Konerko and his league-leading 13 home runs would appeal to many clubs. But Konerko told Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports that he’s not thinking about midseason trades just yet.

“It’s got no place in my day,” he said. “If it doesn’t help me be productive today, then it’s got no place in my routine.” 

Konerko, who makes $12MM this year before becoming a free agent, can’t be traded without his permission. His agent says it’s too early to talk about waiving his client’s no-trade clause.

“We’ll cross that bridge when and if we come to it,” Craig Landis said.

If teams start calling the White Sox, GM Kenny Williams may have to listen. It’s early, and Konerko may not maintain this pace, but teams will be looking for power. Morosi names the Rays as a potential suitor and they do make some sense, if Hank Blalock can’t replicate his minor league success at the big league level.

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5 Comments on "Konerko Ignores Trade Speculation"

5 years 3 months ago

i say deal konerko and get adrian gonzalez as his replacement at the trade deadline!

5 years 3 months ago

LOL, good one.

Why would SD trade Gonzalez and why would you think the Sox have anything close to the talent it would take to get him?
The Sox have as bare a minor league system as any team in baseball.

5 years 3 months ago

I say we deal Konerko for kelly Johnson of the arizona diamondbacks and then get adrian gonzalez at the trade deadline! This could give Beckham a chance to go back to the minors to get his swing back while kelly johnson will be slugging away.

5 years 3 months ago

On behalf of all WS fans … thank goodness you aren’t running the organization.

5 years 3 months ago

On behalf of all baseball fans, thank goodness all WS fans aren’t like dkelly123.