Relievers Headed For Non-Tenders

Often due to the save statistic, decent relievers are non-tendered every year because of their expected salaries.  It happened to Matt Capps last year.  Which relievers might get the axe on this year's December non-tender deadline and join the free agent market?

  • Bobby Jenks, White Sox.  Jenks has only blown one save this year, but Ozzie Guillen is already looking at other closer options.  Jenks has racked up strikeouts, but his control is off and he's given up a slew of hits.  I felt he was a longshot non-tender candidate last time around.  Tendering him a contract and giving a raise on his $7.5MM salary this time probably won't be appealing.
  • George Sherrill, Dodgers.  Giving Sherrill a bump from $4.5MM might not make sense for the Dodgers even if he was pitching well.  However, the lefty has completely lost it in the early going with 12 walks and 14 hits in 11.3 innings. 
  • Brian Bruney, Nationals.  Bruney would earn more than $1.5MM in 2011 as a fourth-time arbitration-eligible player.  With the walks spiraling out of control, there's a good chance the Nats cut him loose as they did with Mike MacDougal last year. 
  • Tony Pena, White Sox.  Pena has time to turn things around; he's only tossed 15.6 innings this year.  He's earning $1.2MM on the season and would go to arbitration for a second time.
  • Rafael Perez, Indians.  Perez is only earning $795K this year, but even the idea of a guaranteed contract might not work for the Tribe if he repeats his '09 season. 
  • The 2011 free agent list already contains a full slate of relievers, but keep these names in mind as potential additions.

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  1. stewie75 5 years ago

    what does this have to do with the Cubs?

    • billmelton 5 years ago

      Nothing-I think they meant White Sox. No surprise here.

      • I’m not following

        • billmelton 5 years ago

          Second City. Second Team.

        • Your tweet on @mlbtrcubs was hashtagged #cubs. Which this post had nothing to do with. Although I suppose it’s possible that all the MLBTR tweets get posted to all team twitters, with generic hashtags added.

  2. billmelton 5 years ago

    Even though Bobby has only one blown save he still makes every Sox fan unbelievably nervous when he is on the mound and he has had no clean 1-2-3 inning yet. His velocity is markedly decreased as well. This has gone on since last year and, after yesterday’s meltdown, reached critical status. Thorton can close but then there is no other viable LH reliever. Putz has not impressed. Sergio Santos may be the solution here. He has been pretty impressive, though in a limited role.

  3. I don’t think the Sox will non-tender Pena, seeing how they gave up Brandon Allen.

    • billmelton 5 years ago

      I think Pena stays- do not be surprised if Bobby has some sort of “calf strain” and is hidden away for a while. After this weekend, I think he’s as good as gone.

  4. Vail Beach 5 years ago

    Hmm. Seems a bit premature. It’s only May.

  5. MadisonMariner 5 years ago

    Wow, didn’t realize Bruney had been a Super Two and will be going for his fourth year of arbitration eligibility this offseason. Yeah, definite non-tender candidate there.

    Could Dustin Nippert be another candidate? He was a Super Two this past offseason, and will be arbitration-eligible 3 more times. His performance relative to his cost is not going to be great, and the Rangers alreday have quite a few young arms to fit into the rotation and bullpen.

  6. danks50 5 years ago

    Tony Pena? If anything he’s incredibly misused due to this team lacking a long reliever. Thus guys that should be pitching an inning or two have been stretched out when the starters get shelled. The ERA is up but I don’t think he has been horrible enough to warrant a non-tender.

    Jenks on the other hand is basically a sure thing. No way the White Sox pay close to 8 figures to keep a guy that has walked the tightrope all season long and it finally caught up to him last series. He and his overpaid salary is gone especially when we have Thornton and Santos who both have closer stuff.

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