Christian Colon “Ready To Go” At Short Or Second

Fourth overall pick Christian Colon says his game is polished enough to take him to the majors before long and he's not the only one who thinks so. Rival executives told's Buster Olney that the Cal State Fullerton shortstop could reach the majors by next year. The Royals have to sign Colon for that to happen, and the 21-year-old says he hasn't thought about the terms of or timeline for a deal.

"I haven't talked to anybody about it," he said. "[The Royals] know that I'm ready to go. They know that I want to play."'s Keith Law suspects that the Royals have the framework of a deal in place with Colon and his agent, Scott Boras. Colon isn't concerning himself with the negotiations, but the Royals have already earned points for style.

"I think the Kansas City hat looks really good on me," Colon said.

The shortstop likes watching Elvis Andrus and Derek Jeter, but some project him as a second baseman. Colon grew up watching Roberto Alomar and now likes watching Martin Prado, so he says he's open to a positional change.

"I see myself as a shortstop," he said. "But if the Kansas City Royals see me as a second baseman, then I'm all for it."

Colon, who says he has become stronger since the Padres drafted him in 2007, repeatedly referred to himself as a "born leader" during this afternoon's media conference call. He could soon join recent first rounders Billy Butler (2004), Alex Gordon (2005), Luke Hochevar (2006), Mike Moustakas (2007), Eric Hosmer (2008) and Aaron Crow (2009) in the Kansas City organization.

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  1. Otis26 5 years ago

    I don’t know whether this guy is really a leader or not, but after over 20 years in the military I can tell you that I’ve never heard a good leader describe himself as such. Good leaders don’t need to say anything about it – they just are.

  2. Patton? Just saying, some arrogant SOB’s can back it up.

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