Infield Options For The Phillies

Today Chase Utley and Placido Polanco became the latest star infielders to hit the disabled list. Greg Dobbs and Brian Bocock got called up, but the Phillies will have options if they decide to pursue infielders who can help between now and the All-Star break, when Utley and Polanco may be ready to return. 

The Red Sox and Rockies have been quiet since losing Dustin Pedroia and Troy Tulowitzki, respectively. The Red Sox acquired Eric Patterson, but so far neither club has made a major move. Since Polanco is hurt, the Phillies have a hole at third, but they may find themselves considering many of the same players who have been linked to the Red Sox and Rockies.

Adam Everett, Mark Grudzielanek, Garrett Atkins, Edwin Encarnacion and Akinori Iwamura are not on MLB rosters and could presumably be acquired for a small financial commitment. Jhonny Peralta, Miguel Tejada, Adam Kennedy, Willie Bloomquist and Mike Aviles are in the majors, but could be available. Ty Wigginton, Dan Uggla and Kelly Johnson would be expensive and the Phillies wouldn't have room for them once their injured players return.

It's not clear whether the Phillies will weather the storm like the Rockies or pursue a player who can start in Utley and Polanco's absence and fill in once Philly's stars return. Utley will see a hand specialist tomorrow, according to Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer (via Twitter). Until the Phillies know the severity of their second baseman's sprained thumb ligament, they can't do much more than scour opponents' rosters in case they need to make a deal.

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  1. frank_costanza 5 years ago

    I dont know that there is any reason to trade for an infielder now. if they want to sign a cheap alternative then they could add an Everett or Encarnacion, but as long as these injuries really are just 15 day injuries (which would bring both players back to the line up 2 games after the all star break pending # of at bats in rehab stints), then they will be fine. And even if they only get Polanco back and Utleys injury takes a little bit longer, they still will be fine.

  2. CodyG 5 years ago

    Iwamura and Encarnacion would be the best options if I’m philly

  3. scatterbrian 5 years ago

    Mark Ellis?

  4. VinnyG917 5 years ago

    Ya want Castillo? Cora? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  5. sportsnut969 5 years ago

    Everybody knows that Jhonny Peralta was one of Charlies favorites while in Cleveland he could play Short and 3rd and one time Charlie said he wouldn’t be afraid to put Jhonny at 2nd in a pinch.

    I would think that any combination of First baseman Jonathan Singleton and 1 of the below players would get you Peralta from Cleveland who has a reasonable option for 2011.

    – Outfielder Leandro Castro – Centerfielder Jiwan James – R Pitcher Justin De Fratus –

    • Muggi 5 years ago

      Peralta’s a nice player and all, but Singleton? C’mon now. Talent evaluators (and I don’t mean Phillies employees) are saying he could be the next top middle-order hitting prospect…the next Hayward or Stanton. There’s no way the Phils give him up for a guy like Peralta, who won’t even have a spot once Polly and Utley return.

    • Why would you give up a stud 1B prospect and someone else for a average 3B that will play 15-20 games for you when Juan Castro or Wilson Valdez could do just as good.

  6. Grudz, Attkins and Everett don’t offer much, if anything. Edwin and Aki both have some upside I suppose but also have problems too. Still, for the price they might be the best bets to help someone.

  7. darkdonnie 5 years ago

    If The Phillies traded Singleton for Peralta I’d cry….have you been reading up on him in the minors?

  8. whitesoxfan424 5 years ago

    Where’s Tadahito Iguchi?

    • Muggi 5 years ago

      Ha yeah really, the dude RAKED for the Phils!

    • ejr 5 years ago

      he went back to Japan. but I’m sure someone in the Phils office said the same thing!

  9. myname_989 5 years ago

    This is one of those moments where you just sit back, stare at your computer screen and go, “….WTF.”

    Lol, but seriously. We can’t have both of those guys out, and NOT pursue help. Dobbs hasn’t had the time that he needed in the minors, and Brian Bocock is, well… Brian Bocock. You can’t run a lineup with Brian Schneider, Wilson Valdez, AND Juan Castro onto the field for a week or two and expect to stay in a race. It’s just not possible. You need to have at least one of those guys coming off the bench.

    I can’t see the Marlins moving Dan Uggla within the division, especially to the Phils (without a significant return, of course) and I’m not sure that Kelly Johnson is exactly what they’re looking for. On the other hand, I think that Ty Wigginton is a great fit. They had interest in him a couple years back, before the signed Pedro Feliz. He can play all over the place, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind coming to the Phils (no offense to the O’s.)

    If we’re gonna go after a free agent to fill in, you’ve gotta go with potential, and how well this person fits your team’s needs. I think the best fit is obviously Akinori Iwamura. He wants to get back on a contending team after playing with the Rays in the WS, plays second AND third base, and can be had for what, 1MM dollars? (Not sure about his salary. Was he release or DFA’d?)

    But yeah, it sucks having both Utley and Polanco on the DL, and Carlos Ruiz to top that off. Been a bad year for the Phils and injuries.

  10. crunchy1 5 years ago

    Apparently, Mike Fontenot is also available…He’s not much, but he can hit a little, won’t kill you on defense, and can seamlessly slide into a utility role when Utley and Polanco return. Plus, he wouldn’t cost much. Seems worth a look to me.

  11. jerseyphanatic 5 years ago

    What about acquiring Lowell from the Red Sox? He’d fill in at 3rd and according to earlier reports the Sox are willing to eat most of the remaining salary.

  12. clearman3000 5 years ago

    Jose Lopez was scouted yesterday by the phils

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