Rangers Can Add Some Salary Regardless Of Sale

Rangers GM Jon Daniels told Ed Price of AOL FanHouse that his team could add a small amount of payroll even if its sale isn’t complete by the July 31st trade deadline. If new ownership takes over soon, Daniels says the Rangers will “try to add to the club,” but they will have room to add a limited amount of payroll regardless.

A scout who recently watched the Rangers’ Triple A affiliate told Price that the Rangers have some “big arms” and “OK” position players that could become trade bait. Daniels says he’d rather keep his prospects than trade them, but realistically, the Rangers will have to give something up.

The Astros are open to absorbing salary in trades, so Roy Oswalt is almost certainly on the Rangers’ radar. Daniels said earlier in the week that he is open to trading within the division, which means Cliff Lee could be an option for the Rangers if the Mariners make him available.

For now, Colby Lewis, C.J. Wilson, Scott Feldman, Tommy Hunter and Dustin Nippert are starting while Rich Harden and Derek Holland recover from injuries.

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