Gose-Wallace Trade Reactions

Baseball America represents the industry consensus, and given the players' respective rankings it follows that most teams value Brett Wallace more than Anthony Gose.  That Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos made the swap with the Astros yesterday anyway shows that he values his army of scouts over the industry consensus, as he should.  When Anthopoulos came on board he built the largest scouting staff in the Majors and Wallace for Gose represents an interesting test case.  More thoughts on the deal…

  • Anthopoulos explained the trade to MLB.com's Jordan Bastian. He's attempted to acquire Gose from the Phillies multiple times before, and sees him as a potential impact center fielder.  Upside over certainty.
  • ESPN's Keith Law says this trade "could not possibly make less sense to me," and views Wallace as "twice as valuable a prospect as Gose."
  • Dustin Parkes of Drunk Jays Fans points out that value has been lost by the Jays at some point.  His colleague Andrew Stoeten isn't concerned about that, but wonders if the deal is "indicative of an organizational shift regarding the timeline for contention."  He also wonders if the Blue Jays feel they are "jumping off on [Wallace] before his value drops."

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