Jose Guillen Drawing Interest

There are several teams with at least "a passing interest" in Jose Guillen, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. Rosenthal names the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Padres, and Giants as potential Guillen suitors.

The Giants, who have been connected to virtually every available outfielder, were said to have scouted Guillen last night. However, most of the other clubs Rosenthal lists have yet to be linked to Guillen. The Yanks, Sox, Mets, and Padres could all be in the market for another outfielder, and may not have to take on too much salary to acquire Guillen — last month, we heard from's Buster Olney that the Royals were willing to eat a good chunk of the money owed to the 34-year-old. Guillen has approximately $4.76MM remaining on his $12MM 2010 salary.

With David DeJesus on the disabled list for the rest of the season, Guillen (.279/.342/.463) has become the Royals' most appealing chip for teams in search of outfield help.

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  1. budman3 5 years ago

    Guillen and two million dollars to the Rays for a top 15-20 prospect.

  2. Red_Line_9 5 years ago

    Trust the Process.

  3. coolstorybro222 5 years ago

    Where the hell are the braves on this guy?

  4. jctrock 5 years ago

    I personally rather see the Giants avoid (Pat Burrell is hitting well and is the same age as Gullien, 34) this older guy and get a different younger right handed hitter: Josh Willingham. Willingham is 28 years old and is not a rental player. He has an OBP of .399 with 15 Home runs. The Leftfileder would be a great player in SF for years to come. The Giants already have that left handed Home run hitter who hits the ball into McCovey Cove, Aubrey Huff.

    • I didn’t realize Pat was 33, he seems younger than that to me and just hit a bad stretch. Kinda weird to think about how long he’s actually been around.

  5. Spirit of '69 5 years ago

    Mets have plenty of outfielders and Guillen is a head case.

  6. CharMart 5 years ago

    Here we go, Omar sets up to not address a need and make a trade for an over the hill player the Mets dont need. Don’t we have some sort of trade Veto power as fans? Can’t we Mutiny?

    So great, the Mets found a team interested in Jeff Francouer, wouldn’t the first player you try to get from KC be Grenkie, not a 34 year old Jose Guillen? The Royals said they would listen to offers for him, why wouldn’t you try to put a package together? Lets just say Grenkie was off the table completely, why the hell do the Mets need another Outfielder in their already crowded outfield? Why would you take at bats away from Pagan who is their BEST outfielder?

    The only move to KC is for Grenkie, any other move would add to the list of dissapointing deadline trades and signings over the last few years by Omar Minaya.

  7. Despite the rumor, that the press created, about Greinke being available. He is almost certainly not. I’m sure if the right deal came along and Moore was overwhelmed he’d take it, but otherwise no. Besides, I doubt the Mets have enough, or are willing to part with enough to land him.

  8. Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

    I’m once again going to aver that Rosenthal has it wrong, this time with regard to the BoSox having interest in Guillen. We’ve got Cameron, Drew, Hermida and McDonald, with Ellsbury due back soon and Daniel Nava available in Pawtucket on a moment’s notice. We have no need for another older outfielder. We had interest in DeJesus only because he could have possibly made Ellsbury available for trade once he returns and proves his health.

  9. davidwright1234 5 years ago

    how would guillen possibly help the Mets besides another player being unhappy about playing time. If you want to put him on the bench we already have a pretty good one.


    Barajas (I like Thole starting)

    If anything we need a backup infielder not Jose Guillen

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