Padres Prefer To Avoid Rental Players

Padres GM Jed Hoyer would much prefer to acquire players under control beyond 2010, reports Tim Sullivan of the San Diego Union Tribune.  It's a preference Hoyer shares with Giants GM Brian Sabean, who came right out and said "we are not interested in free agents" on June 30th.

The Padres share another desire with their division-rival Giants: both clubs are looking for a bat.  Padres director of minor league operations Mike Wickham explained to Sullivan, "We have to do something to give us a chance to score more runs, knowing our pitching is (probably) going to regress a little bit. And we don't have to give away the farm to do it."

This is my speculation, but it seems likely that Hoyer and Sabean are inquiring on many of the same players.  David DeJesus, Jose Bautista, Corey Hart, and Josh Willingham could be matches for either club.

So far free agent Jermaine Dye has been linked to the Padres but not the Giants.  Dye may not be controllable beyond this year, but he'd only cost money.  Another player recently on the Padres' radar: Cliff Lee.  Hoyer apparently inquired, but Sullivan says the Padres' GM was "dismissed with some variation of, 'Go away, kid, you bother me.'" 

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