Yankees Looking To Add Bench Help

The Ty Wigginton rumor appears to be just the tip of the iceberg for the Yankees, who have prioritized improving the bench before the trade deadline according to Marc Carig of The Star-Ledger.

"The bench is the area of priority as of right now," said GM Brian Cashman. "That doesn't mean we're not open to anything else. But if you ask me what's the priority? What's the area of weakness? It's the bench."

Cashman didn't name any specific targets for obvious reasons, and he wouldn't say whether he preferred a left-handed or right-handed bat. Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports.com recently named Willie Bloomquist and John McDonald as potential options for the Yankees, but Adam Kennedy and Craig Counsell could also become targets. Those last two are just me speculating, though.

At the moment, the team boasts a homegrown and inexperienced bench consisting of Ramiro Pena (17 OPS+), Kevin Russo (36 OPS+), Chad Huffman (39 OPS+), Colin Curtis (159 OPS+, just 10 PA), and Francisco Cervelli (92 OPS+), though Marcus Thames is currently on a rehab assignment working his way back from a hamstring issue. The Yanks recently added Eric Bruntlett on a minor league deal as well. Last year the Yanks acquired Jerry Hairston Jr. and Eric Hinske before the deadline, so rebuilding a bench on the fly is nothing new for Cashman.

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  1. oremlk 5 years ago

    I’ve heard Jeff Keppinger mentioned as a possibility as well.

  2. levendis 5 years ago

    uhhh how about getting some bullpen help? THATS their biggest weakness.

    • Theres internal options for that, just need to be called up.

    • Jonathan Gallo 5 years ago

      You do bring up a good point, but the Yanks pen is too talented to fail. Robertson has been pitching well recently. Joba’s been slumping.
      But I do hate Marte, Park and Mosley.
      I say DFA Park, release Mosley all up Albaladejo (or Melachon) and Ivan Nova (or Sanchez).
      Then make Marte extendable in a trade for a bullpen arm and IF’er. I am not a fan of Pena, Russo or Huffman.
      We need a IF’er who can actually play SS (sorry Wiggy)

      • Moseley hasn’t even pitched for them yet. Marte’s destroyed lefties this year (.162/.222/.297 against), homer to Branyan last time out notwithstanding.

  3. jaydestro 5 years ago

    the answer is romulo sanchez.

  4. sportsnut969 5 years ago

    The Reason that it will be hard for the Yankees to get someone like Wigginton is they only want to give up 1 or 2 never will be guys will no upside to them in a deal to get a guy like that.

    They contacted the Indians about Kearns who is in a slump right now and the Yanks offer a A ball stiff from what Tribe insiders are saying that’s why Kearns is no longer on their radar.

    Wigginton who IMO is a much better player than Kearns should bring a pretty good return, but the Yankees have fallen into this I’m not trading any top 20 prospect as of late, because we are the yankees and we have more money than GOD !! so we will just wait it out and sign that person in the off season.

    Well guys the key is to win it all this year not next year, give up some not top 5 guys but # 6 through 15 guys and go get Wigginton and Cliff Lee and win this thing.

    PS I’m a Indians fan who just love baseball and when you are as good as the Yankees and you think you are 1 or 2 pieces away of being able to run away with the division you go get those guys. How many prospect catchers do you need, I mean guys that are playing 1st/ CF/ C / SS / 2nd & 3rd and look to be down the road # 1-3 type guys and at AA and AAA most likely are blocked and may never wear a pinstrip uni in New York anyways so at this point why not make some deals. You have to trade something to get something.

  5. InvalidUserID 5 years ago

    1) bullpen
    2) bench
    3) rotation
    4) lineup

    In that order…lineup and rotation are fine (though if something were to fall into their laps, no complaints)…bench just needs some experience…bullpen needs a priest and an overhaul.

    • frankiecamp 5 years ago

      its more like

      1) bench
      2) bullpen

      nothing else needed. they have the best 1-5 rotation in baseball by far. three guys have 10 wins, javy has pitched like a #2 starter since the end of April, and AJ just took a step toward coming out of his struggles with 6 2/3 scoreless innings against the Jays.

      Gardner has been fantastic, Granderson isn’t going anywhere and Swish is in contention to be an all star. The infield isn’t changing at all, and Posada and Cervelli are fine behind the plate.

      A more consistent pen arm and maybe jermaine dye as a bench/DH option, and this team repeats easily.

  6. InvalidUserID 5 years ago

    1) bullpen
    2) bench
    3) rotation
    4) lineup

    In that order…lineup and rotation are fine (though if something were to fall into their laps, no complaints)…bench just needs some experience…bullpen needs a priest and an overhaul.

  7. Lloydxmas 5 years ago

    Any other Yanks fans out there notice how bad Granderson has been in center? He also seems to be an automatic out at the plate. Was at the game today. He gets terrible reads on balls off the bat and is super pull happy at the plate. I know we are halfway through the season but im just curious if anyone else has noticed?

  8. levendis 5 years ago

    the Yankees arent going anywhere without a dominant setup man, Phil Hughes was that last year. Joba And Robertson should be sent down, theyve been awful. I dont see any internal options that can solve this problem, and its a big problem. No one is noticing because they are winning, but their bullpen has stunk. Thames was great for the Yankees until he went to thE DL, we can wait for him. The bench doesnt concern me

    • Lloydxmas 5 years ago

      Joba has been beyond inconsistent. Batters hitting over 320 against him when runners are in scoring position. Thats an awful stat. Robertson though had a rough start but has been good last month and a half. That 2nd inning is to much for Robertson. I agree with you totally. The Yanks are winning but IMO havent been playing great baseball. Not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing. Thames was brutal in the outfield. Use him strictly as a DH against lefties otherwise he should be on the bench.

  9. johnsilver 5 years ago

    Might just be me, but seems like teams right now looking for far, far to much for spare parts guys and not talking about decent ones like Wigginton/Cody Ross types that should cost, but “heap” types Adam kennedy and Willie Bloomquist, Bloomquist especially in KC’s case one would think they’d be glad somebody to take the remaining portion of the 1.7M he is making off of their hands for how poorly he has performed and Adam Everett has not exactly lit it up for the 1.25M he’s getting either.

  10. Counsell a Yankee? I think I’d cry.

  11. Counsell a Yankee? I think I’d cry.

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