Arbitration Eligibles: Toronto Blue Jays

A look at the Blue Jays players who will be arbitration-eligible after the season…

Litsch probably won't be cut loose, as his cost shouldn't be too high given the time missed with Tommy John and hip surgery.  Wise will be non-tendered.  McGowan is a candidate, with another shoulder surgery done in June.  Still, he could be retained for a salary similar to this year's $500K.  Encarnacion has technically never gone to arbitration, having signed a two-year deal with the Reds.  I imagine he'll be cut loose now.  Buchholz had Tommy John surgery in June of '09, spent most of the year rehabbing for the Rockies, and was claimed by the Jays in September.  The claim implies they'll at least consider tendering him a contract.  Tallet and Accardo are too expensive to retain through arbitration.

Lewis, Escobar, Morrow, Marcum, Janssen, Camp, and Bautista will certainly be tendered contracts.  Bautista should jump to the $6-8MM range, while everyone else should top a million bucks.  There will be some decent, but not spectacular paydays in this mix.

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