Castillo Unhappy With Mets

Mets second baseman Luis Castillo is unhappy with his relegation to the bench in New York and believes that he will be elsewhere in 2011, writes Dan Martin of the New York Post.

"I can't be here anymore," the second baseman said prior to last night's game against the Phillies at Citi Field. "I know I'm not going to be here next year."

While GM Omar Minaya declined to comment on Castillo's desire to be moved, a team source said that he has not asked the club for a trade.  However, the Mets are aware of his desire to play every day.  The veteran was taken out of the starting lineup in favor of rookie infielder Ruben Tejada.

Castillo, 34, is set to earn $6MM in 2011, the final year of his contract.  The three-time All-Star has struggled this season, hitting .241/.335/.281 in just 62 games.

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  1. YaGottaBelieve11 5 years ago

    So the feeling is mutual, that’s good. Now mutually break things off.

  2. cweradio 5 years ago

    Considering his (lack of) offense and durability and range .. and his (anti) team speech there .. who would want him now?

  3. Prince_Fielders_Donuts 5 years ago

    Sure its not luis castillio?

  4. He’s probably unhappy to be called Jose when his name’s Luis, too.

  5. 808808 5 years ago

    Bye bye Luis. Take your “pony league” swing elsewhere

  6. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    I think it’s time 3/4 of the Mets find greener pastures.

  7. Infield Fly 5 years ago

    Mets second baseman Luis Castillo is unhappy with his relegation to the bench in New York and believes that he will be elsewhere in 2011

    That is absolutely correct! Castillo will NOT be on the bench in NY next year. He will be on a bench somewhere else!

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      That’s the best case scenario for Luis.

    • YaGottaBelieve11 5 years ago

      Your right he won’t be on the bench! I think We all know in our heart of hearts he will be starting at second base for the mets next season.

  8. Joe L 5 years ago

    No problem, buddy. We let you leave, and you give us that $6MM back that we gave you for next year. A win for both sides..

  9. I really hope he’s elsewhere next year. Maybe then, we’ll have a 2nd baseman who can actually hit a HR.

  10. philsWSchamps 5 years ago


  11. bjsguess 5 years ago

    It’s simple Luis.

    1. Ask to void your contract. I’m sure the Mets would be willing to work with you on that.
    2. Become a FA and sign a new contract. It will only be for a fraction of your old contract but it will be set according to current market conditions. You will also be able to find a team that is willing (hypothetically) to meet your demands to play daily.

    I get so pissed at these players (Lowell, GMJ, Castillo) who sign contracts, underperform, complain about not playing, and demand that the team trades them. If you really just want to play then void your contract. The team will be accommodating in these situations. But no, you want to get vastly overpaid AND dictate to the team about how you should be utilized.

  12. SadMetFan 5 years ago

    I laughed the second I read the title.

  13. LioneeR 5 years ago

    Well that really hurts the Mets this offseason. Before his comments they could have at least acted like they were alright having him as their 2B next season. Now they have lost any kind of leverage.

  14. Luis Dude, go ahead demand a trade, it’s not like the Mets have not been trying to trade you for TWO YEARS! good luck with that dude

  15. northstar7 5 years ago

    It’s times like these that make me appreciate the Twins approach to managing their ball club. I’d much rather have Butera backing up Mauer at $400K then paying Castillo $6.25M. The trade wasn’t popular at the time and may have been the nail in the coffin for Johan leaving but paying a decrepit slap hitter $6M per is crazy.

    • twins33 5 years ago

      I was kind of thinking the same thing. I think a lot of people were mad-teammates & fans. I thought we got crap for him.

      It really did seem to work out for us. We needed a backup this year with Ramos not technically ready and Morales injured. Butera has come in and done very well with the pitchers. That’s all that should be asked of a backup. Dustin Martin isn’t doing too bad in the minors either.

      This looked really bad at the time, though I always believed Castillo was given too much money by the Mets. He’s only had one good year since he’s been gone. I definitely don’t miss him anymore.

  16. YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

    Saturday News Flash: Castillo Unhappy with Mets

    Sunday News Flash: Mets Are Extremely Unhappy with Castillo.

    Monday News Flas: Castillo Will Gladly Accept Whatever Money Owed and WIll Shut His Mouth.

  17. Guest 5 years ago

    Yeah, we’re not happy with you either. Breaking up my sweet DPs man.

  18. Lloydxmas 5 years ago

    Mets are stuck with Castillo. Just like they are stuck with Perez. Can someone please tell me why a lot of fans are raving about Tejada at 2nd base. I know he is very young but I just dont see it yet. Maybe Im missing something.

    • Tejada’s defense is way, way, way, way better than Castillos.

      It isn’t Castillo’s fault, but the guy has absolutely no range anymore.

    • SadMetFan 5 years ago

      Tejada can field but he can’t really hit, but at least he’s a rookie hitting like crap and making the league minimum. Castillo is unproductive in every conceivable area a player could be, and now he’s showing that he’s a baby. I don’t hate Luis, but he’s awful, really awful, really really awful. At least Perez could throw batting practice, it would surely help the teams plate discipline, and would be the only way he could help the team.

    • The_Silver_Stacker 5 years ago

      no i agree with you, i think tejada is a carrer minor leaguer

  19. johnsilver 5 years ago

    Too bad Boston already released Lugo last year, they could have swapped discards.

  20. icedrake523 5 years ago

    Why is it that Castillo and Francoeur think they’re good enough to be everyday, starting players? Have they seen their statistics? Has Francoeur seen the numerous at-bats where he swings at pitches at his ankles or eyebrows? Has Castillo seen his countless at-bats where he softly grounds out (which is all he does when he doesn’t get a single, walk, or strikeout)?

    • jimboslice9 5 years ago

      I can understand where Francoeur is coming from, but not Castillo. Francoeur has been a starter his whole life, he never was a bench player in HS-Mets, and he was always the first string QB in HS as well, and so he doesn’t like sitting because he doesn’t feel it’s something he does.Again, I understand where he’s coming from, but it doesn’t mean I agree with it.

  21. Well, his OBP isn’t HORRIBLE, but past that it looks horrible.

  22. The_Silver_Stacker 5 years ago

    castillo is right he won’t be with the mets, as he may be headed to the newark bears next year

  23. Lloydxmas 5 years ago

    Playing GM of the NY Mets how would you build a better ballclub for 2011? Looks to me like they don’t have much roster flexability. Any suggestions. I also heard yesterday that the Mets would like to get their payroll around $120 million for next year. Just don’t understand. Anyone open for suggestions.

    • Firstly hire a coach. Then you hope Beltran had a decent September, so you can move him for a couple of decent prospects. Then you look around at teams that are looking to deal. Try and flip some prospects for a guy like Matt Garza, A middle of the rotation type that can eat some innings. Sign some FA RPs and bench guys

      The rest of the roster is pretty set
      C HolyThole
      1B Ike
      2B Ruben Tajada
      SS Jose Reyes
      3B David Wright
      LF Jason Bay
      CF Angel Pagan
      RF Jesus Alvarez

      Johan Santana
      Mike Pelfrey
      Jon Neise
      RA Dickey
      Acquired pitcher/Pat Misch or someone else from the farm.

      No need for big FAs this year. Its going to be a younger team, and more of a see what we actually have on the team. This way we know where we need to spend money instead of just throwing it around stupidly

  24. mrmet128 5 years ago

    Maybe he should learn to play baseball, then he can talk. Can we just cut him and Ollie? I like Luis better on the DL anyway.

  25. alphakira 5 years ago

    I say every one of us go into work Monday and do a piss poor job for the week. On Friday we all ask to be given a better position that someone else is far more qualified for. On Saturday we post our results.

  26. BaseballFanatic0707 5 years ago

    Ok, let me try to emulate my inner Luis Castillo here:


    Yes, I think he sounds that absurd. I cannot stand when crappy players complain that they are being mistreated by their teams.

  27. Just_MLB 5 years ago

    well in his defense…he was starting to pick it up with the bat…4 multi-hit games in the 9 games prior to his benching. the thing that ticks me off is that this move should have been done EONS ago…wilpon probably just read and is just responding to criticism…the wilpons have always been super-sensitive to bad press..and the moves they make to avoid bad press only end up bringing MORE bad press…hint hint..winning hides many odors ( ask the 86 mets/86 giants )

  28. Slopeboy 5 years ago

    Luis Castillo needs therapy. Last year he didn’t have such as bad year, he hit .300 , had a good OBP and fielded decently.He was one of the few Mets that did not miss significant time due injury, and came to play everyday. His egregious sin was dropping the pop up againist the Yankees. Unless he discovers the cure for Cancer, he will never be forgiven by Mets fans. After coming off the DL ,this year I was willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, but after watching him play this year, its impossible, not only is he playing poorly, he’s playing STUPID! Case in point, recently he was batting 8th, man on second -one out, instead hitting away he BUNTS!!, leaving it up to the pitcher. That’s inexcusable. Compounded by the poor play this time around, he’s got to go. But alas, the Wilpons are not going to cut him and eat the contract. I don’t think the Players Union will allow him to recind the contract, so Luis Castillo will be around till next year Mets fans.

  29. EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

    Yeah, and I can see Jerry Manuel fitting right in as their softball coach.

  30. YaGottaBelieve11 5 years ago

    Maybe there are a few spots on Eric Byrne’s team

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