Mets Considering Attempt To Void K-Rod’s Contract

Not only did Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez face trouble with the law last week, he tore a ligament in his thumb and will require season-ending surgery. The Mets are now looking into voiding K-Rod's contract, according to Jon Heyman of (on Twitter). 

The injury does not appear to be baseball-related, something the Mets could point to if they decide to attempt to void the contract and sidestep the $18MM they owe Rodriguez. The MLBPA would presumably object if the Mets do attempt to void the deal. The Mets signed K-Rod to a three-year $37MM deal after he set the single-season saves record in 2008.

A Mets official told Adam Rubin of ESPNNewYork that "you can make the assumption that the injury resulted from the incident last week." K-Rod has $3MM remaining on his contract this year, so the Mets could focus on that amount if they look to void part of the deal, since the closer will likely be ready for the 2011 season.

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  1. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    i think it would go through. its not like he got into trouble by something normal or anything. Dude was charged with assault. that has to be considered….

  2. YaGottaBelieve11 5 years ago

    Please. Don’t get my hopes up like this.

  3. cweradio 5 years ago

    It would be the first smart move the Mets have done all season .. too bad you can’t void contracts for underperformance (Ollie, Castillo, Frenchy, Omar, Jerry, and both Wilpons)

  4. And they let him pitch on Saturday. No way it gets voided.

  5. icedrake523 5 years ago

    MLBPA, PLEASE let the Mets void the contract. Seriously, he hurt his pitching hand beating up his common law wife’s father IN the stadium in front of other players’ families/friends and faces up to a year in prison if indicted.

  6. Dear Mets,

    Thanks again for signing K-Rod long term for mucho monies! You single handily prevented every other team in the league from making this mistake. Baseball fans (other than Mets fans I guess) greatly appreciate your role in this league. K bye 😀

  7. LioneeR 5 years ago

    As a braves fan I hope they do not void the contract and handcuff the Mets moreso in the offseason.

    I of course know little to nothing about the legalities behind this but the guy got hurt doing something illegal off the field. I would think that the contract could easily be voided. What a huge help for the Mets. They can get Papelbon or Jenks for way less money and get similar production

    • oleosmirf 5 years ago

      well Jenks is shot but I get your point.

    • jimboslice9 5 years ago

      Just to help you a little on the legalities, their is supposedly something in his contract that outlines that he is not allowed to get injured when not playing baseball, except under special certain circumstances. Experts are checking to see if this qualifies as a voidable offense.

  8. oleosmirf 5 years ago

    wow nice, maybe they Wilpons can afford to sign their draft picks now!!!!

  9. TimotheusATL 5 years ago

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    • a nicer guy? i hope thats sarcasm (if your talking about Krod)….so far in the last year he has 1) tried to fight another douche bag (Bernazard)….2) got into a fight with Brian Bruney (who might have deserved it)…and 3) attacked the grandfather of his child

      although 2 of the 3 have were proven to be provoked this clearly proves hes a bit of a hot head

      • TimotheusATL 5 years ago

        K-Rod is among my least favorite players in the game. Hope that answers your question :)

  10. dickylarue 5 years ago

    You do realize if the contract is voided the Mets will not re-invest any of the savings into the team?It will go back into the Wilpon’s pockets as they attempt to sell you a “youth movement” based on wondrous prospects while still charging top dollar to get into the stadium.I feel bad for Mets fans. They have the worst GM in the league and quite possibly the dumbest owners. If they go all youth movement, you’ll quickly learn that Ike Davis and his .700 OPS at 1b, not to mention some of the other prospects will make this a last place team next year which will then repeat the typical Mets cycle and have them sign poorly chosen free agents out of desperation to win back fans. There’s no plan on this team. There will never be a plan.They play to the mob and the media in the hopes they can make a few scheckels by duping an loyal fanbase. If K-rod gets voided the Mets payroll drops. Don’t expect them to spend it on Crawford or Lee. They’ll instead sign Livan and Guillen.

    • Great post.

      But Omar isnt a terrible GM. He basically is out there taking the heat for the Wilpons. They make all the decisions. Hes a puppet basically. Theyre the reason why Mets dont draft overslot, dont cut Luis and Ollie and much more. They are the worst owners in baseball.

      • dickylarue 5 years ago

        Signing Oliver Perez to that deal and Castillo to his deal are two of the worst moves made by a GM. I won’t even get into allowing Ike Davis and Mejia to be rushed this season. Omar is not a good GM. He’s only employed because the dumb Wilpons already extended him to 2012.

    • They don’t have the WORST owners. The Wilpons are up there, but the Marlins have the worst owners.

      Gotta pocket dat rev’nue sharin’.

      • iwishihadaclue 5 years ago

        I wouldn’t call the Marlins owners the worse, maybe the CHEAPEST.

  11. moonraker45 5 years ago

    What a difference a few years makes, in 2008 this guy was the talk of the league piling up save after save. Gets a little success, gets a fatter paycheque and a fatter ego and puts everything in to jeopardy with one completely idiotic move. .

    • jimboslice9 5 years ago

      Also, in the fatter category, you forgot he got just plain fatter.

      • moonraker45 5 years ago

        I thought about going there.. but then i thought to myself.. do i really want him assaulting me next?

  12. The_Silver_Stacker 5 years ago

    krod is a jerk, I can’t believe I read that Mariano Rivera requested his locker be far away from K-Rods at an all star game

  13. Moboy21 5 years ago

    Saying the Mets have too many latino’s is like saying the Knicks have too many black guys.

    • oleosmirf 5 years ago

      Omar used to play the latin card but once Delgado told him off that was the end of that, although Omar’s latin heritage still gives him an “in” regarding international signings.

      unfortunately the Wilpons wont spend the money to bring in the best 15,16,17 year olds on the INT FA market, which Omar has the HUGE advantage in.

      • Just_MLB 5 years ago

        Delgado was always cool with Omar…it was Tony B. he had a problem with in 2004 off-season. He went to FL instead.

        but i cosign everything else u just said…”unfortunately the Wilpons wont spend the money to bring in the best 15,16,17 year olds on the INT FA market, which Omar has the HUGE advantage in.”

        • icedrake523 5 years ago

          Fernando Martinez was the only one he acquired when he did have the ability to sign them. His focus on these phantom Latino players has resulted him in ignoring the draft for the most part.

          • Just_MLB 5 years ago

            jennry mejia and wilmer flores say hi !

      • iwishihadaclue 5 years ago

        That wasn’t Omar, Delgado was talking about. I think it was Tony Bernazard.

  14. Void? Wouldn’t that get in the way of the extension they plan to give him?

  15. oleosmirf 5 years ago

    I also can’t wait to see Jerry try to manage these last 6 weeks without K-Rod. I mean the guy is clueless when it comes to the 7th and 8th inning now imagine the mixing and matching with the 9th inning now too.

    this will be very interesting…

  16. jb226 5 years ago

    The sad part is that if they actually try to void the contract, it will have nothing at all to do with his actions or his injury as a result of those actions. They’ll simply be a convenient excuse to try to dump a contract that should have never been signed.

    • thats how all voids work….you really think if this was pujols or jimenez who hit his father-in-law we would be having this conversation?

      • jb226 5 years ago

        Wouldn’t that be, you know, my point? Does phrasing exactly what I was saying confrontationaly add something to the discussion that I missed?

        And no, that’s not how all voids work. Khalil Greene’s contract got voided for a perfectly legitimate reason that had nothing to do with the dollars on it.

  17. Ray R 5 years ago

    If you aren’t a Mets fan, why would you care? It’s not like the other 29 teams are beating down the door to get K-Rod.

  18. Muggi 5 years ago

    No chance of voiding the whole thing, but I bet they can get the rest of the money for this season back.

    What really screws the Mets is even if they void this year, they can’t even pay another team to take him. With 46 games already finished this season, and it being likely he’ll be full strength next yr, he’s highly likely to reach the 100 games finished clause in his contract…which makes his ludicrous 2012 option guaranteed. $17.5m for one season of a so-so closer, insane…

    • Just_MLB 5 years ago

      what makes u think K-Rod is going to finish 64 games next year ?
      according to Cot’s Baseball Contracts
      2012 option becomes guaranteed with:
      55 games finished in 2011, AND
      100 games finished in 2010-11, AND
      doctors declare Rodriguez healthy after 2011

      • 46 + 64 = 110…he only needs another 54

        So if he hits the minimum 55 for 2011, he will also have hit the 100 total for 2010-11.

        • Just_MLB 5 years ago

          so then i suppose another question becomes…if u get rid of him…who do u
          replace him with?
          then again, if they dont fix the issues they have with their situational
          hitting, a closer becomes a moot point.

  19. AmericanMovieFan 5 years ago

    Funny how during K-Rod’s free agent off season there was talk of him getting 5 years/$75MM initially and I know I saw one report of 6/$90MM. When he signed for 3/$37MM it seemed almost like a discount initially and within, what, a season? it turned into one of the more regrettable albatrosses in baseball. Interesting how quickly tides turn.

  20. punkrockdave24 5 years ago

    It’s the Mets… they can’t do anything right… even if they were found to be able to void the contract, I am sure some fine print or technicality would prevent them from successfully doing it. Snakebitten (translated – poor ownership, poor management, poor scouting, and a dash of bad luck thrown in for good measure) franchise.

  21. Slopeboy 5 years ago

    This Latin bias that continues to be spewed by a small number of bigoted, moronic Mets fans is starting to get really annoying. Make no mistake these cretins do not represent the vast majority of Mets fan. I go to the games and see young and older Whites proadly wearing Beltran, Barajas, Reyes, Santana and even K-Rod jerseys(tough that’s going to change) .The only time it comes up is when the Mets aren’t winning. There weren’t ‘too many latins’ in ’06 through ’09 for the racist idiots when they were winning. This wasn’t heard earlier in the year when they were 10 games over .500a close to first place, only when the wheels feel off did the bigots start chirping.The reason the Mets have all these ‘lousy latin’ players on the roster is because they’ve replaced a group of even worst white players. For all the bigots out there: Here are some of the white players that have been replaced from last year: Cory Sullivan, Brian Schneider, Jeremy Reed, Tim Redding, Brian Stokes ,Tobi Stoner, Billy Wagner, JJ DaPutz, Darren O’ Day, Casey Fossum, Daniel Murphy. Are the Mets worst off by not having any of these white guys on the team? By the way, where is the outcry for the return of John Maine? Its a shame that underacheivers like Castillo, Perez and Beltran have given fodder to the morons to go ahead with this crap.As soon as the Mets start winning everyone will forget the ethnicity of the team and the bigots will feel Ok with rooting for team again.

    • jimboslice9 5 years ago

      I’m not saying this as someone who hates latinos, I embrace the presence of Santana, Reyes, Barajas, Blanco, and Tejada for their performance, and hate Beltran for attitude, and Castillo, and Perez for their performance. But, Daniel Murphy isn’t gone because of performance, he’s been injured pretty much all year, and I sorely miss Wagner, especially now, and I’ve been wondering the past couple months where Maine even is. Aside from those few objections, I wholeheartedly agree with the rest.

    • Just_MLB 5 years ago

      so basically…met fans love met players regardless of ethnicity when things are going good…but as soon as there are issues…their true colors come out…

  22. Slopeboy 5 years ago

    just the bigots.

  23. Who god damn cares what race Mets players are? What’s important is that they work toghether to win games which is something they aren’t doing. Mets fans get upset when they are losing this bad and notice all the wrong things, and what makes me think even more that they are the worst fans in baseball is calling someone like Carlos Beltran an underachiever. Seriously? Beltran an underachiever? He is one of the elite players of the game, injuries slow many players down, you cannot judge Beltran by him coming off the disabled list and not batting .400 and leading your struggling team to the playoffs. Not in a division w/ the Braves and Phillies and their pitching. K-Rod’s contract should be voided, no I don’t care if the mets lose payroll, he should be facing a prison sentence for domestic violence. The Mets also have one of the worst farm systems, with the likes of Mejia and Ike Davis rushed. Davis might have been one of the best things to happen to the Mets, as he boosted the clubhouse attitude when the Mets surged into 2nd place, but needs to work out some holes with his swing in the minors, and Mejia is plain not ready. What a disaster the Mets have became since that explosive offense of 2006 that nearly made the WS.

  24. diehardmets 5 years ago

    A: I hope this gets done.

    B: Shouldn’t the Mets be focused on signing draft picks, not being cheap owners?

  25. Omar Minaya spend on the draft? These players aren’t the proven players that Alex Cora/GMJ/Castillo/Perez are.

  26. I lobby for anyone who makes a Minaya loves Latinos joke to be banned. They’re not accurate, funny, or logical.

  27. You are a dumbass, At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  28. CitizenSnips 5 years ago

    Are you stuck in 2005?

  29. HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

    Agreed. Bigotry isn’t comedic in my mind.

  30. WOOOOOOOOOOOW hahahahahahahahahahaha i’m hispano/latino whatever you want to call it, it’s nothing new, he has said it repeatedly on the radio in SPANISH here in México, and his actual words were:

    “Si por mi fuera, las ligas mayores estarían llenas de latinos”

    or so you can understand it: “If it were for me, the whole thing would be filled with latinos”.

    So… there, what do you think about it? i do know what i’m talking about, and if you listen to hispanic sports radio you’d know. I say it and will say it a thousand times, Minaya ROOTS for us hispanos to thrive in the major leagues, Minaya ACTUALLY goes to the house of latinos/hispanos to dinner and convince them to sign with the Mets, that’s why he’s so loved in Puerto Rico, we latinos KNOW he lobbies in favor of latinos/hispanos in the Major Leagues.

    His most significant acquisitions?
    Jorge Julio
    El Duque
    Eli Marrero
    Roberto Hernández
    Oliver Pérez
    Ambiorix Burgos
    Luis Castillo
    Johan Santana
    Pedro Martínez
    Carlos Beltrán
    Moisés Alou
    Francisco Rodríguez (not to be confounded with my Mexicalian pal of the same name, he pitches for the Angels, and there’s word in “the street” he wants to get a guy from the city i am: Florencio Bustillos who is in the dodgers minor league system)

    By the way… did you know that via trade Minaya has acquired about 25 latinos while giving up only 10 in exchange?

    EVERY ONE of those = latino, and i’m not saying it’s a bad thing, au contraire, it’s a great thing, in hispanoamerica we treat baseball as our national pasttime, the way it used to be in the US, we still play because we love the game.

    You know who else will begin to push latinos to the MLB?

    The Gonzalez’s brothers, yup, you’ll hear about it in a few years.

    The next time you have a doubt about ANYTHING what i say, first contact me so as not to look as a cry-baby who actually didn’t know he has said that EVEN during national TV (ESPN Latino).

    PS if you want to call me by my name: Miguel Ángel Barajas

  31. LOL you had to actually listen to Minaya say that to actually GET THE POINT. Try tunning to ESPN Latino for once in your life while the Mets are playing, those guys talk via phone with Minaya regularly, and yup, he said it “si por mi fuera, las ligas mayores estarían llenas de latinos”.

  32. Tell that to Minaya, or to Ozzie, you’ll see what i’m talking about… oh wait, you can’t, you haven’t even been to a Caribbean Series where those guys usually are enjoying the games.

    In 2011 it’ll be at Puerto Rico, you can go and see for yourself, heck you can even ask him in spanish (= hola señor Minaya, ¿que piensa usted del rol que juegan los peloteros latinos en las ligas mayores?).

    I know i will go, i try to never miss a series, it’s a hoot, even if my national team, México, has not won in a few years, and maybe it’ll be a few more until they win again, the Gonzalez brothers and Joakim Soria might not receive their teams permission, at least last year Joakim told me KC wouldn’t allow him to play, the same for Adrián whose family lives just 45min from where i live AND spends time with his fans, how cool? LOL.

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