Odds & Ends: Boras, Antonetti, Girardi, Cubs

Links for Friday, as Josh Hamilton and the Rangers rest before trying to make up ground against the Giants. Incidentally, it was nine years ago today that the Rangers signed Edinson Volquez, the player they later flipped to Cincinnati for Hamilton…

  • The Phillies contacted Scott Boras about Jayson Werth this week, according to MLB.com's Todd Zolecki. At this point, GM Ruben Amaro Jr. says "There's really not much to say" about possible negotiations with the free agent right fielder. 
  • Bill Lubinger of the Cleveland Plain Dealer offers up a must-read profile of Indians GM Chris Antonetti. Pirates GM Neal Huntington says Antonetti is similar to former GM Mark Shapiro – to an extent. “I would say Chris is going to seek out maybe more opinions and he's going to be more inclusive," Huntington said. "Mark will seek out the opinions that he thinks are more crucial to the decision. Chris may get outside that narrow circle a little bit more than Mark."
  • We heard lots of buzz about Joe Girardi and the Cubs, but the manager says he "didn't really think about leaving the Yankees," according to Marc Carig of the Star-Ledger (on Twitter). The skipper agreed to a three-year extension yesterday.
  • The Cubs selected catcher Robinson Chirinos from Double-A and outrighted Jim Adduci to Triple-A and off of the 40-man roster.
  • Former Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi wants to get back into baseball operations and has been in contact with the Red Sox about working for them, according to Newsday's Ken Davidoff. We heard yesterday that Sandy Alderson contacted Ricciardi about joining the Mets.

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10 Comments on "Odds & Ends: Boras, Antonetti, Girardi, Cubs"

4 years 11 months ago

I’m really, really excited about the Antonetti ERA in Tribe Nation. The Indians are still one of the better managed teams in Baseball and had one of the top 3 2010 drafts. Aside from the draft, their system is really starting to take shape with a lot of guys who I really like, Jason Kipnis, Joe Gardner just to name a few, but a guy like Antonetti is certainly going to make things continue going on the right track.

4 years 11 months ago

I can’t believe the Girardi thing is even news. I mean what’s he gonna say, “Yeah I really wanted to go to the Cubs, but since they hired Quade, I’m glad I stayed here”??? Of course he’s going to say he has no interest in leaving.

4 years 11 months ago

As much as I want the Jays to beat the red sox all next year.. do not offer any job within your system to JP…. he will poison your system

4 years 11 months ago

As long as he isn’t making decisions, I am perfectly happy about the Red Sox hiring JP – there isn’t really any doubt he is a decent scout – the Jays have some good pitching developed during his watch – his problem was his decision making between him and the ownership.

4 years 11 months ago

Yeah he could do well as a scout especially with how Red Sox can spend on draft.

4 years 11 months ago

As much as I disliked JP as a GM, he won’t poison their system. He could offer some useful insight. Just keep him away from any reporters and cameras.

4 years 11 months ago

Good move by the Cubs to swap Adduci and Chirinos on the 40-man roster. Chirinos has torn up the minors the last few years, if he were a few years younger he’d be a pretty good prospect. With Soto, Wellington Castillo and Chirinos the Cubs may have a strength to deal from if they choose to move a catcher. Koyie Hill will probably be around next year but with the above three being around too he probably shouldn’t get much playing time. The Marlins, maybe Boston, the White Sox and probably a few others will be looking for catching this offseason.

4 years 11 months ago

I had no doubt Chirinos would be added to the 40 man. I am by no means saying Chirinos or Castillo are ready. Hendry would be wise to see what Soto would bring back in talks this winter. I’m not saying Soto has to go, but the Cubs being proactive a couple years early rather than a couple years late would be nice for a change.

4 years 11 months ago

There is about a 5% chance Jason Werth will stay with the Phils. Boras will pin the major market teams against one another and ultimately will go to the highest bidder. This years free agent outfield class is thin with the exception to Crawford. Werth is a 5 tool player and with most of the major market teams needing outfield help it sets up to be a perfect market for his services. Ultimately , who ever signs him will be getting a great player for three seasons with a steep decline there after. I say he gets 5 years 75 to 80 million. if you disagree with that look at what Boras did for Matt Holliday last season, 7 years 120 million. Sure Holliday was younger but there were also less or no bidders for Holliday near those figures. With the Phils payroll already near 140 million already committed for the 2011 season, there is no room for a another large contract for a aging slugger who maybe past his prime.

4 years 11 months ago

JP with the Sox – um no? Please.