Poll: Which Team Will Trade For Zack Greinke?

Former AL Cy Young Award winner Zack Greinke has been mentioned as a trade candidate all offseason, but yesterday we learned that the right-hander unequivocally asked the team for a trade. He can block a trade to 15 teams, including the Yankees, Red Sox, and Nationals, but not the Tigers, Angels, or Rangers. The Blue Jays have been perhaps the most aggressive team in pursuit of the right-hander.

There are 30 teams out there that would love to have Greinke to their rotation, but it will take a substantial prospect package to land him. Kansas City owns the game’s best farm system, loaded with pitchers (especially left-handed) and players at the corner positions, so they could seek help up-the-middle in a trade. Earlier today we learned that they wanted second baseman/shortstop Danny Espinosa from the Nationals in a package, supporting that theory.

The Yankees are reluctant about pursuing Greinke, but if the price drops far enough they’ll almost surely entertain the idea after losing out on Cliff Lee. The Rangers have already made at least one offer. Greinke has said he’s willing to go anywhere, but the Royals say they won’t trade him within the division. Where do you think he’ll end up?

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