Diamondbacks Sign Kip Wells

The Diamondbacks have signed Kip Wells to a minor league contract according to Baseball America's Matt Eddy. Wells had been with the Long Island Ducks of the independent Atlantic League.

The soon-to-be 34-year-old last appeared in the bigs leagues with the Reds in 2009. Cincinnati re-signed him last February, but ended up releasing him before the season started. Wells then hooked on with the Ducks, and posted a 4.00 ERA with 23 strikeouts and 15 walks in 27 innings (five starts) with them. He owns a 4.71 ERA during a Major League career that has spanned parts of 11 seasons.

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  1. No Neck 4 years ago


  2. drjayphd 4 years ago

    I’m predicting they would get similar results out of Kip James or Kip Winger.

  3. EdinsonPickle 4 years ago

    Kip Wells rising!

  4. bigpat 4 years ago

    Yeah, that about sums up the state of the DBacks.

  5. Vote_For_Pedro 4 years ago

    Whats up with the pirates being in the top stories? kip wells a former pirate, oliver perez a former pirate, releasing fernando nieve and garret atkins, and claiming garrett olsen. Guess its been a slow week. :)

  6. rockfordone 4 years ago

    Is he still alive?

  7. Kaiser_Wilhelm_II 4 years ago

    Will this guy ever just go away???

    Kip Wells is like Beetlejuice…… say his name 3 times, and he appears

  8. The_BiRDS 4 years ago

    Kip Wells… HAHAHA

  9. paul_oneills_lovechild 4 years ago

    First, WHY?? Second, a 4 ERA with the Ducks makes him worthy of even a minor league contract with a MLB team?? Third, I’d rather they dig out Jim Morris and try him out…I mean, he has accomplished more than Wells has. A movie was made about his life, Dennis Quaid played him. What has Kippy done besides getting overpaid to have a less than mediocre career?!?!

  10. Maybe they can trade him for Ryan Howard with the Phillies paying his contract

  11. BustyPoser 4 years ago

    This is top news….hurry the hell up, opening day.

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