Quick Hits: Peavy, Kontos, Rowand, Reyes

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  1. I would look back fondly on the times when I wasn’t injured, too.

  2. It’s Grant Brisbee, not Bisbee.

  3. stumptownsooner 4 years ago

    Regardless of the World Series, I am glad I am not a Giants fan: I would hate to watch them make their annual stupid free agent signing.

  4. northsfbay 4 years ago

    Grant Brisbee is living in a dream world. The Giants are going to release Rowand so that they can keep a mid level prospect bust like Ishikawa.

    • ykw 4 years ago

      Could be. Depends on just how little faith SF has in some combination of Huff and KFP to hold down first without having to reserve a roster spot for a caddy like TI.

      Rowand is almost certain to improve on a 2010 BABIP in the .260s (Bill James projects him to be pretty much league-average in 2011) and has defensive capacity sorely needed on a team likely to give substantial OF time to the likes of Pat Burrell (and, no, that UZR/150 spike last season hasn’t made me a believer). That said, he doesn’t have nearly the value to the club he’d have if he could hit lefties anymore (Schierholtz and Torres are both nearly helpless against southpaws), and the reports of his inflexible attitude this spring only lend further credence to the idea that he could be left out of the mix.

      Add to that the fact that Rowand is seven years older than Travis (even though he seems to have been in the Giant organization forever, last year was just TI’s age-26 season) and the small but still better-than-Rowand chance that the youngster takes the step forward to become a useful regular (James likes his 2011 chances a lot better than Rowand’s), and Rowand’s release becomes a pretty plausible scenario. Probably not better than a 50/50 chance — MLB teams are notorious for refusing to eat obviously sunk costs, especially where a Proven Veteran is involved — but it’s reached the point where the move wouldn’t be shocking.

  5. gmenfan 4 years ago

    At best, Rowand is the Giants’ 4th outfielder and one could argue that he’s more likely their 5th or 6th best. His “new” stance looks alot like his old stance and has produced similar results in spring training thus far … absolutely nothing. The Giant have offered him a shot at winning the left field positions and he’s now pouting about that. Whether by trade or release, Rowand needs to go.

    • Gigantes2425 4 years ago

      He should be gone by the time the season starts. Hopefully he is.

  6. As a White Sox fan, I remember being so upset in the ’07-’08 offseason that Kenny Williams missed out on Torii Hunter AND Aaron Rowand, because he wouldn’t offer them enough years or money. I love that man more every day.

  7. 55legend 4 years ago

    just get RID of Rowand please. I hate the way he always whiffs at low, out of the strike zone 0-2 curveballs/sliders/any breaking pitch. I hate the way he runs with his torso sticking out while his legs fluttering unproportionally, how his downward-sloped shoulders make his head look huge but body frame small, how all his big hitting games are when the team loses or are already well in the lead (World Series game 2 triple when the Giants were already up 6-0 in the 8th), his lame@$$ unemotional reaction to Renteria’s World Series winning homerun, and how he’s taking up money that could be used to signing another player.

  8. 55legend 4 years ago

    i mean if a player can’t even express a similar reaction to the fans watching through a TELEVISION what good use are you?

  9. OrangeCards 4 years ago

    Where is the incentive for the Rangers or the Phillies? Maybe I’m missing something …

  10. northsfbay 4 years ago

    I believe that was a joke.

  11. giantsfan4life 4 years ago

    I sense much sarcasm in this one.

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