Braves Acquire Stefan Gartrell

The Braves have acquired Triple-A outfielder Stefan Gartrell from the White Sox for cash considerations, according to Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus (via Twitter).  The 27-year-old has been with the White Sox since 2006, when he was taken in the 31st round of the amateur draft.

In 177 career Triple-A games, Gartrell owns a .258/.318/.460 slashline with 32 homers. 

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  1. Holidayjesus 4 years ago

    This move will put the Braves over the top against the Phillies.

  2. RiverKKiller999 4 years ago

    Now we are definitely World Series bound with Stefan on the team. 😀

  3. $3866193 4 years ago

    2011 World Series MVP: Stefan Gartrell.

  4. nathanalext 4 years ago

    Why is it any time a move like this is made there are a million comments like ^ here? It seems everyone is looking for a cute comment and trying to be funny, but, it’s been said like a million times already.

    • Insert catty/douchey response here.

    • Jfb95 4 years ago

      I agree

    • Holidayjesus 4 years ago

      Wait a minute dad, you’re not supposed to post cute comments on a comment section on a blog website?

      • KingPin757 4 years ago

        If the comment is actually funny or original then yes its good blog fodder. Your comment was, well, neither. (Yawn)

    • It’s getting old.

    • “Why is it any time a move like this is made there are a million comments like ^ here?”

      Why is it that people choose to complain about those comments? Who knows?

      • nathanalext 4 years ago

        I wasn’t really complaining. Just stating an observation.

      • YouCannnnnPutItOnTheBoard 4 years ago

        Because they are stupid, annoying and repetitive.

    • YouCannnnnPutItOnTheBoard 4 years ago

      I was going to write something to this effect, but you beat me to it. Well played sir.

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      This lasted way too long.

  5. True fact: The name of the man who Johnny Cash shot in Reno (just to watch him die) was named Stefan Gartrell. No relation.

  6. He’ll hit a lot of homeruns but don’t expect a whole lot else. A serviceable 4th outfielder/spot starter.

  7. Should be a good addition…

  8. rockfordone 4 years ago

    As a Sox fan – Kid had a nice spring. Deserves some respect

    • Nate McLouth had a nice spring too. Deserves everyone’s insults…..

      Speaking of dead horses……Heyward’s hitting 6th again today.

  9. Remember the Cosby Show episode where Denise tried to sew Theo a Stefan Gartrell shirt?

  10. FamiliaTerritory 4 years ago

    You know, I had to do a double take reading the title because I thought it said at first glance “Braves Acquire Stefan Urquell”. Kinda funny & ironic that he got traded from Chicago.

  11. Few_Proud_Brave 4 years ago


  12. Maverick60 4 years ago

    Why not bat him 3rd, 4th, or 5th then?

  13. LioneeR 4 years ago

    So you think it is fine to give Mclouth 50-60 more PA’s than Heyward?

  14. JayTeam 4 years ago

    You don’t want to encourage a hitter to get on base?

  15. billreef 4 years ago

    Don’t mind Brandie, she’s a soccer player who thinks she knows something about baseball.

  16. WisBrave 4 years ago

    I’m all switching Heyward and McCann around.

  17. Mate, I wasn’t complaining about it. Just made a ‘dead horse’ joke because it was referenced above.

    However, having Alex Gonzalez following arguably the best hitter on the team doesn’t make too much sense. Once they completely lose faith in McLouth, Heyward will be moved up.

  18. Damn, meant to reply to your Heyward batting 2nd post…..

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