2012 Contract Issues: Los Angeles Angels

The Angels are next in our 2012 Contract Issues series.  Here's what the team faces after the 2011 season:

Eligible For Free Agency (2)

  • Starter Joel Pineiro will be the Angels' most significant free agent.  Though he's missed about a dozen starts in his Angels career due to injuries, he's also maintained much of his '09 success with a 3.73 ERA in 159 1/3 innings.  Pineiro might be able to repeat his two-year, $16MM deal on the open market depending on how the rest of this season goes.  He gives the Angels nice depth as their fourth starter.
  • The Angels will be done with Fernando Rodney, whose two-year, $11MM deal was questionable from the start.

Contract Options (2)

  • Scott Kazmir: $13.5MM club option with a $2.5MM buyout.  Barring a shocking performance, Kazmir will become a free agent.
  • Bobby Abreu: $9MM option vests with 433 plate appearances in 2011.  Abreu needs only 308 more plate appearances, so three more months should do it.

Arbitration Eligible (7)

Weaver's arbitration case should be a big story in January and February of 2012, especially if his dominant 2011 season continues.  We'll have more on this topic later, but even after losing a hearing in February many agents think he'll be around $14-15MM for '12.

Morales hasn't played since breaking a bone in his leg almost a year ago.  His raise should be mild because of that.  Kendrick could jump up to $6MM, and raises for the others could put the group around $34MM if everyone is tendered a contract.  It is possible Mathis and Willits are cut loose, dropping the team's estimated arbitration eligible bill closer to $30MM.

2012 Payroll Obligation

The Angels' 2012 payroll obligation, according to Cot's, is $79.117MM including Kazmir's buyout but not Abreu's.  Throw in at least $39MM more for Abreu and the arbitration eligibles, and you're around $118MM.  That's about $24MM shy of this year's payroll, so there is room to re-sign Pineiro while also considering a free agent or two to upgrade the left side of the infield.  If an infielder surplus is created, the team could shed a few million by trading someone.  They could also save on 2012 payroll by locking up Kendrick or even Weaver, if the righty is willing to buck the trend of top Scott Boras clients testing free agency.

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  1. PostMoBills 4 years ago

    And Vernon Wells wasn’t even mentioned once! He’s one heck of a payroll obligation; that’s for sure.

    • 0bsessions 4 years ago

      Boooo! Beat me to it. I came in here just to say that I’d have to consider Vernon Wells to be the textbook definition of a “contract issue.”

      • He’s 30% of the $79MM figure, so consider that your mention! Imagine the money they’d have to work with in 2012 had they not acquired him.

      • Gumby65 4 years ago

        They took that on knowing it’s a “contract issue”; it’s not like “Gee, what were we thinking”…. or was it?

    • Alvin Cheung 4 years ago

      I know he’ll do better!

  2. 0bsessions 4 years ago

    “•The Angels will be done with Fernando Rodney, whose two-year, $11MM deal was questionable from the start.”

    Why’s that? I’m all about Fernando Rodney (The guy is awful against us in limited appearances).

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      jenks did his best rodney impression the other night just for you. hope you’re happy

      • hawkny1 4 years ago

        Since the other night’s miserable outing, Jenks claims that with the help of films he has found his magic potion for perfection. We shall see..

    • Rodney has been a disaster for the Halos

  3. Worth noting that Gary Mathews Jr’s salary comes off the books as well

  4. bjsguess 4 years ago

    Only one more big contract after next year – Wells.

    Hunter comes off the list – saving another $20m. Looks like replacement will be in-house with Trout. I’m already salivating over the OF defense with both Bourjos and Trout in the same outfield.

    Wells continues to look worse and worse. To think that we have another 3 years AFTER this season is downright discouraging. He isn’t hitting. His defense has already cost us at least one game. One huge bag of fail.

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      they could certainly use napoli’s bat right now

      i’ve seen about a dozen angels games this year, and i don’t remember wells ever looking so bad in the outfield. bad routes, bobbled balls. one of the sources of hope to take the sting out of the trade was that a former centerfielder might play plus defense in left and really make that outfield amazing. no sign of that so far

      it seems like bourjos can cover most of left field by himself when playing center these days. maybe they should let him try

      • hawkny1 4 years ago

        Oh, I’ve got those white powder blues……….or something like that…can’t play no baseball when I got those white powder blues….

  5. bigpat 4 years ago

    Vernon Wells is the kind of guy who gets general manager’s fired, I don’t think anyone could have seen him hitting this bad, but still paying upwards of 20M for a slightly above average player in his thirties is the dumbest possible move you can make.

    • 0bsessions 4 years ago


      Trading someone for the right to pay $20MM for a slightly above average player in his thirties is the dumbest possible move you can make.

  6. YouthofToday 4 years ago

    Rumor in Halo Land is Kendrys will never be able to consistently play the field again. Add 1B to the list of needs.

    The money committed to Sarge 2.0 would sure come in handy to go after Fielder.

    • Mots likely he’ll be able to field, as he’s already done it in his rehab process. The main problem is his running (or lack of). We all know running, having had an ankle injury this seriuos, will never be the same, but hopes are he can still run faster than David Ortiz.

      Else… Better not even think about.

  7. Tom R 4 years ago

    The ghost of GMJ is finally laid to rest in 2011. Thank God.

    • YouthofToday 4 years ago

      But the horror of Sarge 2.0 emerges to replace him until 2014. Reagins must really love scary movies.

      • SoCalAngelsFan75 4 years ago

        If you’re referring to Vernon Wells as Sarge 2.0 then you haven’t gotten then memo. He’s legally changed his name to Gary Matthews, III.

    • ryankrol 4 years ago

      That “ghost” is a big reason the Angels were able to stay afloat when they lost Garrett Anderson the entire first half of 2007. He was also huge off the bench when they lost Hunter and Vladdy for significant time in 2009 (.360 w/ RISP). 2010 there was another spot for him to fill in since Rivera seemed to lose himself and Abreu is just too slow in the OF. I’d rather give GMJ a shot at platooning with Wells in LF right now. Might as well try it if they’re still paying him. But they screwed that up as well by trading him just to trade him. Even a .240 BA from GMJ would make a difference over Vernon Wells right now.

  8. Mathis and Willits cut loose? Yeah right. Us Angels fans would love to see that but unfortunately it’ll never happen.

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