2012 MLB Free Agent List

Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, Jose Reyes, and C.C. Sabathia lead the list of players eligible for free agency after the season.  I recently updated our 2012 MLB free agent list, so please check it out and bookmark it.

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  1. jays2thetop 4 years ago

    Blue jays need prince to hit behind Jose and they also need to trade or get rid if hill and put Brett lawrie at 2nd base and keep nix at 3rd, we also need a good starter in Chris carpenter

    Davis CF
    Escobar SS
    Bautista RF
    Fielder 1B/DH
    Lind 1B/DH
    Lawrie 2B
    JPA C
    Nix 3B
    Snider/Thames LF

    • JayBos 4 years ago

      i much prefer this lineup:

      1. Reyes 2B (.312/11/68 – 56 SB)
      2. Escobar SS (.291/18/77)
      3. Bautista RF (.284/41/108)
      4. Lind 1B (.302/29/112)
      5. Beltran LF (.277/24/89)
      6. Arencibia C (.265/23/81)
      7. Lawrie 3B (299/17/76)
      8. Thames DH (.283/22/62)
      9. Davis CF (.286/3/42 – 46 SB)

      AA wants Jose Reyes (who can fill Hills spot), and Plug in Beltran in LF at a discount, and you have a solid lineup, with easily attainable stats listed above.

    • JayBos 4 years ago

      I would much rather this lineup:

      1. Reyes 2B (.312/8/68 – 56 SB)
      2. Escobar SS (.291/16/77)
      3. Bautista RF (.284/41/108)
      4. Lind 1B (.302/29/112)
      5. Beltran LF (.277/24/89)
      6. Arencibia C (.265/23/81)
      7. Lawrie 3B (299/17/76)
      8. Thames DH (.283/14/62)
      9. Davis CF (.286/3/42 – 46 SB)

      AA wants Reyes, who can replace Hill. Then with Beltran said to go for a discount this off season, you have yourself a potent, fast lineup. (easily attainable stats listed above).

  2. I bet the Angels will be in the chase for some of the top FA only to offer them 67mil less than the player wants.. The Angels are a joke of a team. I think they have the most midgets on 1 team in MLB history. Arte please go buy a Soccer team

    • ryankrol 4 years ago

      A joke of a team that is back in first place. Btw, the Angels were never that serious about the top free agents this past offseason. That was all hype built up by the media since it was such a surprise that they were out of the playoffs and have the money to sign those top FA’s. They don’t consider Crawford or Beltre franchise players, and it showed in their offers. They don’t even consider Vernon Wells a franchise player, proven by the fact that he’s been hitting 7th and have been talking about acquiring another bat. Arte knows just as well as anyone that the players you actually can build around are the ones you give a 7 year contract to.

  3. woadude 4 years ago

    Kendrys is going to be non tendered or put in the minors to regain his strength, where they put Trumbo when they sign Pujols I have no clue….

  4. frspch101 4 years ago

    The Bluejays are 2+ years from being a serious contender but they can make a substantial move next year. When you look at the free agent lists for 2012 – 13 they have opportunities to improve their pitching at an affordable price point. I believe they have decent hitting and just need to fine tool that side of the roster. The young players will get better, Bautista, Lind and Escobar will stay status quo. We’re not building a dream team here so there will be weak spots such as 2nd, maybe left field but they won’t be that big a drag on the team. The players at those positions will be MLB average quality or better. 2014 could field the top team in the majors and they could make a 2 to 3 year run at the prize. It’ll get really interesting starting next season and as they mature they’ll be hard to match. A few tweaks here and there and who knows. I hope that Anthopoulos continues to add what is necessary and not what the media and dopey fans think they need. So…

    Drabek is a 5th starter next year at best and you can’t rely on any current minor league pitcher to make a substantial contribution next year, if they do !@&?!..Ayy! We need at least 1 free agent starter signed for next year a 2nd starter would be the perfect scenario. I’d go hard after Rich Harden as long as he’s healthy and C.J. Wilson. Villanueva moves to the bullpen and can makes starts if necessary and by that time McGowan should be in the pen as well. By adding in two starters we improve the pen and now all we need is a closer and we should have the cash available to sign a Heath Bell, J. Broxton or a closer with upside over a 1 – 2 year span for a minimum of 2 – 3 years. Now guys like Francisco and even Rauch can pitch in a more preferable role and not be thrown to the wolves by asking them to do what they’re not capable of. There are always relievers available and if we can keep/tweak what we have and make a couple of quality signings this team has real promise as long as the 25 and under crowd continues to improve. We blow too many saves and our starting pitching is not consistent enough. Fix what is broken and we’ll see a real turn around.

    Just a few thoughts on the 2011 and improving Jays.

    I fondly remember the Expos of the 90’s. They drafted well, had a great manager in Felipe and started to really fly in 94 and then… Armageddon! The team was blown up and dip-shits who answered to accountants kept the team down until they sent it to that shithole otherwise known as DC. It hurt so much!! The current Bluejays are not in that type of a situation other than they have a young team that needs to gain experience and mature. Fans need to support this team and understand how good Rasmus, Morrow and Romero are going to be. Maybe Snider and or Thames prove to be above average and hit for power consistently and maybe Lawrie turns out to be a decent fielder with an excellent bat. Drabek becomes a 12 game + winner and man you’ve got a team. I’m not even taling about what you have coming up through the minors. Take any other team out there and see if you have that much potential going forward. Not much to choose from is there? Mark my words in 2014 if we stay on this path the Jays will post a minimum 100 win season and they can maintain a high profile for at least 3+ years.

    Is it a coincidence that Anthopoulos grew up watching the Expos of the 90’s? Ask him how much it hurt him to see the strike of 94 crush a team and to watch their slow demise until they left. He worked there in the tough times, he saw the Jays win back to back and he saw great things diminished in Montreal. The Jays are lucky to have him because he knows the formula for success and you’re seeing it in action. Be patient and you’ll see a top flight team for years to come. By the way anybody who says that Beltran, Reyes etc… are the answer need to have their head examined and maybe try living in the real world rather than in Moms basement.  

  5. I`d like a line up of
    1. Reyes SS
    2. Thames LF
    3. Bautista RF
    4. Lind 1B
    5. Escobar 2B
    6. Rasmus CF (Gose in 2013)
    7. Lawrie 3B
    8. Arencibia C (D`Arnaud in 2013)
    9. Loewen/Snider/Encarnacion/Cooper DH (whoever has the hot bat)

    Mainly I’d like to see them get a solid proven closer like Heath Bell for 2-3 year contract to give Wes Etheridge time to develop and be ready by the 2014/15 season.

  6. You should have Ryan Madson listed under “Closers” instead of “Right Handed Relievers”

  7. Thomas Knelsen 4 years ago

    i’d like
    1. Reyes SS
    2. Thames LF
    3. Bautista RF
    4. Ortiz DH
    5. Votto 1B
    6. Arencibia C
    7. Lawrie 3B
    8. Escobar/Johnson 2B
    9. Rasmus CF

    i’d like to see the blue jays get a solid closer and 2 starters in C.C. Sabathia, and C.J. Wilson.

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