Boras Has No Plans To Discuss Eric Hosmer Extension

Eric Hosmer's agent Scott Boras tells Yahoo Sports' Jeff Passan that he has no plans to negotiate a long-term contract between his client and the Royals.  “Athletes have to know that you have to look at the market you’re in,” Boras said. “You can’t look at the markets of the past. For players like Hosmer, as you go back and look, as  [Mark] Teixeira had his own market and [Prince] Fielder had his own market, Hosmer will have his own. And something tells me it’s going to be a rather eventful one.” 

Royals fans can't be too pleased to hear Boras comparing Hosmer to those other first basemen — both of whom, of course, are Boras clients.  Teixeira turned down an eight-year, $140MM extension with his original team, the Rangers, in 2007 and ended up signing a massive eight-year, $180MM deal with the Yankees before the 2009 season.  Fielder is widely expected to leave Milwaukee after this season since the Brewers can't afford the Teixeira-esque contract he is seeking.  That said, another notable Boras client (Carlos Gonzalez) recently signed a contract extension, so Hosmer leaving Kansas City when he hits free agency after the 2017 season isn't a foregone conclusion.

Boras expects forthcoming national and regional TV contracts to increase revenues all over baseball, including for smaller-market teams like the Royals.  It also makes sense on a more practical level for Hosmer to not commit to a new deal yet since, as MLBTR's Ben Nicholson-Smith pointed out last week, Hosmer could be in line for an extra year of arbitration given his early call-up.  Hosmer could potentially cost himself millions by signing an extension before he learns if he's a Super Two, or even before Major League Baseball's new CBA with the players' union is worked out. 

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