Lance Berkman: “I’m Not Going To Get Moved”

Lance Berkman told reporters that he doesn't expect the Cardinals to trade him by tomorrow's deadline,'s Matthew Leach reports. Despite rumors that the Rangers could have interest, Berkman expects to finish the year in St. Louis.

“I’m not going to get moved,” he said. "I think the ship has sailed. I really do."

Berkman explained that he wants to stay put and believes that the Cardinals want to keep him. Since Berkman projects as a low Type-A free agent, the Cardinals could end up with two compensation picks in next year's draft if he declines an arbitration offer to sign elsewhere. As a result, GM John Mozeliak would likely require significant prospects in any deal.

The Rangers placed Nelson Cruz on the disabled list and expect to be without him for three weeks. However, GM Jon Daniels said he expects to rely on internal solutions and the Rangers have called up Leonys Martin to take Cruz's place on the roster. Texas remains interested in Berkman, according to Richard Durrett of

The Cardinals have until tomorrow to weigh all offers for Berkman, who has cleared waivers. The 35-year-old has a .289/.405/.570 line with 30 homers.

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  1. As an Astros fan (if you can call it that) I absolutely LOVE Berkman. I love him sooooo mucccchhh that I am actually trying to marry him

  2. KeithLawSucksInStl 4 years ago

    Would like to see us get something back for him, I don’t think we can afford the Puma, Carp and El Hombre next season.

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      Personally I think the Cards are reluctant to trade him because they see him as a back up plan in case Pujols really does walk. On the other hand if Pujols signs, then they can either up the team salary or let Berkman walk and collect 2 draft picks.

      The NL Central could have a complete new look next year depending on the offseason. Pirates are getting better, the Reds underachieved this season, the Brewers might lose one of their big bats, and there’s the multiple questions about what the Cards will do in the offseason. It’ll be interesting.

      • KeithLawSucksInStl 4 years ago

        I agree with everything you said.

        The only problem I see is the Cards upping the payroll. If the Cards offer him arbitration, and he accepts, he could get a decent amount more than he got this year, and unless they decline Carp’s option and work out a cheaper deal it’s going to be hard to bring all 3 of those guys back and still field a contending team for around 110M.

        And yes, it will be very interesting.

  3. stl_cards16 4 years ago

    “I think the ship has sailed”

    That makes me wonder if he actually got claimed by a team and nothing got worked out.  I found it strange that no team would claim him anyway.

    • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

      Good possibility. Like the article says, Berkman would break type A status, and can net 2 draft picks to who ever offers him arbitration, raising his value significantly. I’m sure the Cards were asking for something no team was willing to give up. Can’t fault either side, really.

  4. Don’t think Tony will allow Berkman to be traded.

  5. highski 4 years ago

    Maybe LaRussa cleared waivers…???

  6. I just wonder why players are terrified now adays of being traded for a short term. Any player should be thrilled to going to a pennant race and playoffs. Instead, they act like Heath Bell, who wants to stay on a team going no where for years to come. He said he was glad because his family had just built a swimming pool. What has happened to the competitive athlete?? Is it the huge salaries??

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